iBooks store to be pre-loaded with 30 000 free books – shysters outlook looks bleak

AppAdvice has some good news for literate iPad fans: Project Gutenburg with its 30 000 free titles will be pre-loaded onto the App Store’s iBooks app for iPad. There are compelling reasons for this. Firstly, free books shouldn’t be made profit of as they have been at the App Store and sold at 99 cents per. The public domain has no place with profit and for many reasons wouldn’t exist if at the beck-and-call of swindlers.

iBooks will be compatible with ePub format, meaning your existing purchases and eBooks can be imported as well as the entirety of the English Canon and other books whose birthdays fell more than 70 years ago.

AppleInsider have a poignant point about the protection of Gutenburg.

The move to include Gutenberg’s large library of public domain titles will not only help fill out Apple’s new marketplace for books, but will also prevent the iPad’s ebook library from being overrun with multiple versions of public domain books wrapped up in a trivial app package by third party developers hoping to take advantage of public domain content.

iPad pre-orders have been snatched readers, and a lot of people are ready for pay-to-play content, but it’s nice to see Apple playing fair and fun with community-projects.

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