Caligo Chaser in Review – punching for perfection

I'll have to admit to losing this one...

When I was 13, nothing ate my quarters faster than Samurai Spirits. Thankfully, sweet action can be had for the 3$ down at the App Store. I reckon that if Caligo Chaser, a new RPG-esque beat ’em up, was at the arcades now, I’d be drowning in bled change. Com2uS’ latest is fun – hella fun; its got button-mashing, character-building, and even quests to augment is great combo-chasing battle engine which should thrill every violence-craving gamer.

Just so you don’t miss out, read this review. It is better than the ones in our colleagues’ websites for the very reason that TMA feels … Com2uS’s song choice – for us, it’s like running the Swedish mile on a full English Breakfast. If you don’t believe me, check out our damn good Caligo Chaser preview. Feel free to discuss this review of Caligo Chaser in our forums.

Cute and lonely anime girls? check

Caligo’s violence is as fun as it is tasteful. There ain’t blood nor bones to contend with, just the fading carcasses of fallen enemies, and at times, your own dead flesh. You see, Caligo just never gets dark; its cute/cool jRPG anime and should appeal to the 16-bit console-nostalgic and to that fitful group who just loves anime: the bleeding gaming geeks. From towns to battle levels, Caligo is nicely stylised and perky. And what self-respecting fighting game would be replete without cute anime girls! It looks great, but sounds even better. At times (in town) the music is annoying, but what town’s music ain’t? Get onto the battlefield and things kick up into thrash/techno heaven. Lovely choice Com2uS! The soundtrack is fast paced and hectic for a fast-paced and hectic game.

Love the humour

You see, Caligo is a very simple idea pasted covered over by fast action. You control Zack (not chic) through myriad levels while he levels up to do nothing more than pay back a bank debt. I am thankful Com2uS didn’t apply a typical RPG plot: Caligo Chaser is too fun to deserve that triteness. Instead, it is pick and go gaming, you at the head of basic mercenary principles.

Playing is as simple as pie: just mash buttons. There is an attack button, a charge button, items and secondary moves and magic slots. It is as simple and straightforward as can be. Each level is a basic left-right clear-and-go stage; it is your job to clean each out. You can go back as many times as you want to level up and practice moves – thank you very much.

This, my friends, is called a 'juggle'

It’s pretty easy to fight even when you juggle several abilities. There are combination moves available, the simplest of which is just to mash the attack button: Zack does the rest. Rack up enough combos, and you get a super hit/move the likes of which would make SNK’s King of Fighters proud. Probably the funnest part is juggling enemies with well-timed sword strikes. Speaking of which: there are loads of weapons to buy, upgrade and many items to squander and even combine. Caligo Chaser is a LOT of game for 2,99$.

Problems arise, however from the very start. Controls are pretty awkward, and the interface could be ALOT better. Currently, it is just a controller interface pasted into the iDevice. You select by moving the direction arrows and select (most often) with the attack button. Otherwise, the buttons are too small. Whilst hacking enemies, it works against you; that controller is tiny and hard to use. Half the time, you may face the opposite direction, or miss that special line you need to be standing on in order to hit enemies. There are some AI problems: Zack may face the wrong way when attacking enemies … and they are slow and stupid – thankfully, this works out in Zack’s favour – and there is a lot of frustration.

Not elegant...

Thankfully though, that isn’t the end of the story. Sure, Com2uS have to fix movement and interface issues, but otherwise, Caligo Chaser is just heaps of fun. 3$ is a steal for this much fun. Issues are annoying and detract from an otherwise smashing game, but they don’t stop Caligo Chaser from achieving top-notch status. Hit ’em, slash ’em and dice ’em – Caligo Chaser will have you skipping lunches in order to compound violence and crafty character upgrades.

App Summary
Title: Caligo Chaser Developer: Com2uS Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 16.3 MB
  • Great looking game
  • Fun, fast, and furious soundtrack
  • Combos – get your fightin’ combos!
  • Loads of gaming for 3$
  • Controls and UI are pretty bad


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