Scanner Pro app Updated to 2.0

One of the great things about the iPhone camera is that it can essentially turn your device into a portable document scanner. TMA’s SteveNaka reviewed several of these apps in the past and found Readdle’s Scanner Pro to be one of the best he’s come across at the App Store. With the newly released 2.0 update, Scanner Pro features some nice improvements:

  • Smart page edges detection
  • Camera stabilization while taking images
  • Password protection for the entire application
  • Google Docs integration (upload scanned documents to Google Docs)

With the ability to upload to Dropbox, MobileMe, Google Docs and more, as well as scan from a range of items (business cards, receipts, whiteboards etc), Scanner Pro should come in handy for students or while doing business on the road.

Scanner Pro Readdle, Scanner Pro (TMA Review) – $6.99

App Description

Scanner Pro transforms iPhone into portable scanner in your pocket. It lets you scan multipage documents, email them and even upload to Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk or any other WebDAV enabled server. Evernote integration is there too.

★ I will confess to some serious love for Scanner Pro ★
Rick Broida, CNET

★ Possibly the best of the scanner apps in the App Store ★
Patrick Clark, MacNN

Scanner Pro easily handles situations when you have a hard copy document that should be sent by email and there is no scanner nearby. The application incorporates special algorithms to enhance image quality and make it as readable as possible.

With Scanner Pro you can scan:
✓Business cards

What Scanner Pro let you do:

★ Scan multi-page documents
Scanner Pro handles any type of documents ranging from simple one page letters to multipage agreements. It can add, move, delete pages and even combine pages in landscape and portrait orientations.

★ Process image smartly
Automatic edge detection and advanced image processing will help you to get great scans. To adjust crop area manually, tap anywhere on the screen.

★ Set custom page size
Custom page size is supported to fit physical size of the original document. Very handy for scanning receipts.

★ Make Industry standard PDF files
All scanned document are produced as industry standard PDF files.

★ Protect documents with password
Scanner Pro allows you to set password for PDF files you create. Only people who know the password will be able to open the document.

★ Transfer documents to Mac and PC
Mount Scanner Pro as a shared network drive over Wi-Fi network to any computer and copy scanned PDF files from iPhone. No additional software is required.

★ Send scans by email
Just scan any document you want and tap send button. Yes, it’s that simple.

★ Preview document before sending
Built-in PDF viewer allows to preview your scans exactly the same as they will look on desktop computer.

★ Upload scans to online file storages
Your documents could be uploaded to MobileMe iDisk, Box.Net, Humyo and any other WebDAV enabled online storage.

★ Print via Print n Share app from EuroSmartz
Owners of both apps (Scanner Pro and Print n Share) can seamlessly scan and then print documents to any printer via a Mac or PC.

Scanner Pro integrates with many products you use:
✚ Dropbox
You can easily sync scans with all your Dropbox enabled computers by copying them to your account.

✚ Evernote
Upload processed images directly to your online Evernote account. You can also add tags and choose the notepad with ease.

✚ GoogleDocs
Scanner Pro lets you use Google Docs OCR to convert scans into editable text files on your Google account.

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