App Store Freebies + Price Drops Roundup

Several days ago, we posted an App Store freebies roundup that featured some great apps going free. The good news is that the majority of those titles are still FREE (in case you missed them). The even better news is that we have another roundup for you today, and we’ve included some excellent price drops as well. The freebies come from an assortment of both games and apps, including Pictogrid, Battle for Vesta and ‘stachetastic. In the sales column, you’ll find such hits as Diner Dash, X2 Snowboarding, The Price is Right 2010 (screenshot) and more! Complete lists of freebies and price drops after the gap.

Price Drops

Diner Dash PlayFirst, Inc., Diner Dash – $0.99

X2 Snowboarding X2 Games, X2 Snowboarding – $1.99

The Price is Right ? 2010 Ludia, The Price is Right ™ 2010 – $0.99

Space Station: Frontier Origin8, Space Station: Frontier (TMA Review) – $0.99

Palm Heroes Palm Heroes Team, Palm Heroes (TMA Review) – $0.99


ElementalMonster TD Hudson, ElementalMonster TD – $0.99

Cubetrix 3D Mobicle Co.,Ltd., Cubetrix 3D – $1.99

Battery Doctor Pro - Max Your Battery Life Game Lingo, Battery Doctor Pro – Max Your Battery Life – $0.99

Freebies – Games

3D Space Combat: Battle for Vesta Insight VR, 3D Space Combat: Battle for Vesta – Free

blockhead! Joel Epstein, blockhead! – Free

'stachetastic Work’s Out, ‘stachetastic – Free

A Pictogrid Joybean, A Pictogrid – Free

DragonWars, DragonWars – Free

Crazy Farm Flying Pig Game Studio, Crazy Farm – Free

tento. Potest Co.,Ltd., tento. – Free

Squism AggroPanda, Squism – Free

Jam Packed! Faster Than Monkeys, Jam Packed! – Free

GUTS Tag Games Limited, GUTS – Free

iNetMania TechPad Productions, iNetMania (TMA Review) – Free

Hippo Blast Reed Olsen, Hippo Blast – Free

Planet Breaker FP Studio, Planet Breaker – Free

Freebies – Apps

zPhone Giro AppSolutions, zPhone – Free

Darkroom Pro Stepcase, Darkroom Pro – Free

Deep Whois Pavel Ahafonau, Deep Whois – Free

ContactsTap - Contacts Management Dejan Medic, ContactsTap – Contacts Management – Free

TV Genie Shout, TV Genie – Free

PocketAudio (Microphone) Senstic, PocketAudio (Microphone) – Free

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