’69 GTO/iDevice remote control combo stymies the ‘Spirit of Berlin’

As technology progresses, so too does the badass stuff you can do with it. Back in October, the ‘Spirit of Berlin’, an iDevice-controlled minivan stole the imaginations of stale/iDevice car-lovers everywhere. But, a 1969 GTO is ever so much cooler, and in some ways, so too is Dave Phipps, the chap who re-wired his 400$ hotrod. The GTO project uses tech called RedEye from ThinkFlood to control the car’s ignition, radio, doors, and more: a perfect melding of classic and new age tech.

Follow the gap for vid, piccies and more:

Right, so Mr. Phipps (got a nice ring to it, eh?) rewired the entire car. Right. There isn’t a single piece of original wire in the entire boat. He has been fixing up GTO’s since before I was cognisant of toothbrushes and including this badboy, he has ‘fixed’ up 14.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no mention of how this thing (which basically is a server-on-wheels) handles.

Anyway, enjoy the shots and vid.

Check out the full article at Jalopnik

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