iPhone Coaster Set from Meninos – digital spillage OK’ed

The life of a TMA editor should be empty now that I’ve discovered that I doesn’t own the one iPhone product I need: the Meninos iPhone Coaster set. It costs 59.99$ and comes with the following spec (like how I threw in that tech gobbledygook?):

• 16 coasters
• Made from sturdy MDF plywood
• Wrapped with a premium vinyl decal and durable varnish to protect the design.
• A thin rubber layer on the bottom keeps the coasters from slipping around.
• Reusable and washable.

If you don’t trust us though, check out the reviews and video review from blogger: Chris Pirillo

Reviews (from Meninos Store)

  1. Great coasters! 

    Posted by Jane on 9th Feb 2010

    These coasters are great! High quality and beautiful!!!

  2. Great coasters, hope to see more 

    Posted by Bram Lancsweert on 1st May 2009

    I love these coasters …
    When I have people on visit and they see them, they mostley know my iPhone too so they recognize them.

    I hope there come some more with OS 3.0:

    – Voice recorder app icon
    – App Store icon
    – iTunes Store icon
    – New Messages app icon

    Would be great … 😀

  • Jubei

    Nice but the price is way too steep!

  • Nine

    Plain cool.

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