Adobe: Flash, it’s Apple’s issue

If Apple and Google are having it out, Adobe and Apple, who have had rough hits regarding Adobe’s proprietary Flahs, are having it out too. Steve Jobs (cue heavenly fanfare) has said Adobe’s software isn’t stable on OSX, but now Adobe are at Apple’s neck, saying it is an Apple problem. When will this silliness ever end? According to Zdnet, Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen, has this to say of the situation:

“We’ve been fairly transparent,” said Narayen. “We’re committed to bringing flash to any platform with a screen. This has nothing to do with technology. It’s an apple issue and you’ll have to check in with them.”

More Flash goodness/badness after the gap:

Look around if you’re keen on the Adobe Flash and iPhone issues. Head to our forums to discuss the Flash issue, start your own thread and just give TMA hell! Or, take a whack at our other Flash threads; tell us why we are right, wrong, or what Apple and Adobe need to do to fix things for their customers, not for their bottom lines.

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