Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red in Review – the head on the floor

Watch out, they turn up too!

I actually screamed like a boy scout; it was a pitiful squeaky screech which accompanied the fiftieth time my zombie’s head exploded on the cold hard floor. The option was to jump on a belt of chainsaws, knocking one by one down and while saving the head, vivisecting my zombie’s floor-bound body. Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red is still as good as its sibling, Moldy Green, but it’s harder, more frustrating, and takes way longer to finish (I haven’t yet done this). Whether it will be worth it to you depends on skill, gaming tenacity, and good ol’ fashioned fluke. Feel free to discuss this review of Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red in our forums.

Tecmo said it themselves: Red is more challenging, and howsoever much do they seem to be telling the darndest of truths. I’ll put it this way: I love it, but I hate it. The first level took me no fewer than 52 tries and three broken iPods to get through. Honestly, the entire coffee shop got up from their seats to escort me out – I didn’t even get to finish my overpriced latte.


I am embarrassed to admit this: I’ve tried over and over, and cannot unlock the other mode. There are two: Campaign and Time Trial and I reckon the latter of the two will remain greyed out till the day this new iPod touch, too, dies.

What Red does better than Green is fight. It fights against you to finish levels. From the start, it is obvious that this game belongs to elite upperclassmen. It is really, really fun. Since getting through a level is harder and requires 100x more concentration, it feels good afterward, much like finally completing grade 3.

There’s not much more to say. Have another read of Moldy Green to see if the series will interest you. Red is still full of the same tilt-and-swipe mechanics for head-bouncing fun, but it is hard. You will have to toss you body left and right, buy ten sweat rags, and douse your insides with moonshine in order to stem the tide of disappointment after losing for the 156th time. On the other hand, it is a big graduation from its Green sibling, and for gamers who think they have what it takes, it is well worth it. For all others, join me in the blue room where we can sit, commiserate, and sniff each other’s toenails.

App Summary
Title: Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red Developer: TECMO,LTD.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: $1.99 App Size: 11.4 MB
  • Fun tilt and swipe mechanic
  • Great music
  • Puzzle/arcade action is great
  • Frantic, frantic, frantic
  • If you are a casual gamer, you may hate how hard this game is


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