Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy – Predicting the future on your iPhone – coming soon!

Adventure fans – rejoice! I’ve just got word from Tetraedge Games (working under the patronage of Anuman Interactive) that they are putting the finishing touches on the last episode of Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon and the recently exclusively previewed The Egyptian Prophecy and are planning to send them to Apple for review soon. But that’s not all. Following these stunning releases they are going to start working on Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy – a very promising title, one that ranks at a formidable 70% on Metacritic.

The game centers around the mysterious series of murders in the late 16th century. The Queen, desperate to solve the brutal killings asks the famous astrologer for help. And while the prophet himself is too old to get to the bottom of things first-hand, he offers the aid of his trusted assistant Cesar. Unknown to the Queen, however, Cesar is out of the country and the investigation will be led by his sister in disguise.

More screenshots and a full game description after the gap.

Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy is set in 16th century Provence, in a country ravaged by religious wars and devastated by the plague. It has been three years since Catherine de Médicis’ rule as regent came to an end, but she still holds the reins of power, making her the target of repeated attacks from the French nobility. One day in March 1566, when she realises that she has fallen victim to a terrible curse, she turns to her doctor and astrologer, Michel de Nostre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus. Unfortunately, the famous prophet is too old and weak to take on such a mission alone. Refusing to abandon his queen in her hour of need, he sends his daughter Madeleine in his place. However, there is no such thing as women astrologers, let alone women doctors in medieval times. To be accepted as such, the young woman must go in disguise and assume her younger brother’s identity, César, who is away for some time. Alternating between Madeleine the young woman and Madeleine disguised as César, players are plunged into a thriller where political scheming and ancestral prophecies are intertwined. The game begins as an initiatory adventure in the footsteps of her father, the prophet and astrologer, before creating all the suspense of a detective novel: from one murder to another, players make their way through a test-riddled forensic investigation.

  • Corinne

    Good day, how can be informed when the game will be available on iTunes ? Thanks

  • Follow TMA and we’ll report as soon as it is :)

  • Corinne

    Is there a forum for part 2 ?

  • For part 2 of what? Nostradamus? As far as I know even part 1 is only finishing up the beta testing cycle.

  • Corinne

    Sorry, I was talking about Egypt the prophecy part 2 !

  • No probs :)

    Here’s a link to the official Egypt support forum

  • Corinne

    Hi, when Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy will be on iTunes store ? Tks

  • I talked to the devs last week and they are planning to turn it over to the publisher somewhere very soon. After that it’s anyone’s guess. I would suppose it should go lie somewhere mid-Novembr

  • Corinne

    Great ! Tks

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