Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer for iDevice – professional music tuning on the go

Sweet news from Line 6. The MIDI Memo Recorder is a free piece of software which saves custom midi interface settings and records sessions to the iDevice. This ain’t another class lecture interface, it is a professional touring/recording software/hardware interface for musicians. MIDI has been a longtime standard in effects mastering and creation for many musicians. The best part now, however, is that it goes mobile and even works as a backup settings organiser in case of gear breakage. While the software can be downloaded now, the MIDI Mobilizer hardware attachment won’t be available till “Spring 2010” – gotcha…


MIDI Memo Recorder Line 6, MIDI Memo Recorder – Free

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Press Information

The only MIDI interface for Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

Together with an Apple iPhone or iPod touch, and the free MIDI Memo Recorder app, MIDI Mobilizer can play, record, and backup MIDI information any time, any place. Whether you want to capture a quick musical idea or back up the settings of all your MIDI gear, MIDI Mobilizer is the most simple and compact solution for everything MIDI.

MIDI Mobilizer is compatible with all models of iPhone and iPod touch.

MIDI Memo Recorder app.

MIDI Memo Recorder is a simple application that records and plays any MIDI data. Free at the Apple App Store, MIDI Memo Recorder features a streamlined interface that makes it easy to store, find and recall all your synth sounds, POD® patches, inspirations, and more.

Email MIDI files.

Sending music to collaborators has never been simpler. Email your music as a Standard MIDI File (SMF) straight from your iPhone or iPod touch. SMF files can be opened and edited within virtually all Mac® or PC digital audio workstations.

The most portable MIDI system ever.

MIDI Mobilizerâ„¢ is the fastest, lightest and easiest way to manage all your sounds, sequences and other MIDI data.

Leave your computer at home.

Stop dragging around your computer. MIDI Mobilizer alleviates the startup time, heavy lifting, fragility, and the complexity of using MIDI with computers.

No batteries, no power supply.

MIDI Mobilizer is designed to use very little power, so it can be powered directly from the iPhone or iPod touch. You’ll never have to hunt for an outlet or fresh batteries.

Capture inspiration.

Inspiration is spontaneous, and MIDI Mobilizerâ„¢ can capture inspiration the moment it strikes. Just hook up the MIDI Out from any keyboard, and you can quickly record your idea. Connect the keyboard’s MIDI In, and instantly play back what you just created. Or email it to yourself or a collaborator as a Standard MIDI File (SMF) which can be opened and edited within virtually any Mac® or PC-based digital audio workstation.

Backup any MIDI Device

Easily backup all your MIDI parameters from Line 6 gear and more. Want to transfer your settings into a friend’s POD® xt, or import your settings into rental gear? It has never been easier.

Restore MIDI settings.

Rescue yourself from dreaded on-stage equipment failures. MIDI Mobilizer can import your MIDI sound data into any classic or modern MIDI equipment, including replacement keyboards.

MIDI Memo Recorder Line 6, MIDI Memo Recorder – Free

Click here for more information on the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer

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