‘Gift this App’ feature finally makes its way to iTunes

If you’ve previously used iTunes’ “Gift This…” feature for movies, tv shows and music, you then know how easy and convenient it is to purchase a variety of media for your friends and family. For some strange reason though, gifting apps was never an option – until now that is. iTunes has just implemented the ‘Gift this App‘ functionality and now you’re able to send and share your favorite apps and games without resorting to paypal or iTunes Gift Cards. To gift an app, it’s as easy as clicking on the drop down (next to Buy App button – see screenshot). You’ll then be taken to a familiar screen where the recipient’s info, along with a personal message are entered. Of course, a valid credit card is still required on your profile to gift an app (iTunes Store credit can’t be used).

Now go forth app lovers – go nuts and buy your loved ones all ’em Top 100 apps!

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