Warfare Incorporated in Review – Battle is its business…and business is GOOD

There is something to be said for a game that withstands the test of time. Originally making its debut in 2003, Warfare Incorporated is among the oldest games in the appstore designed for portable devices. Let’s not mince words – it’s ancient. However, like a fine wine, age is not necessarily a bad thing. Feel free to discuss this review of Warfare Incorporated in our forums.

Indeed, WarfareIncorporated has only improved with age. Rather than stagnating, the game has grown and evolved, due to its devoted player base. A large and vibrant multiplayer community ensures that there are always matches waiting for you, and a brilliantly incorporated map-editing feature enables you to ensure that the fun never stops – players can upload and share custom maps for both single player campaigns as well as multiplayer deathmatches and team battles.

…But the almost infinite amount of FREE DLC supported into the game isn’t even its best selling feature. Yes, it provides an endless amount of playtime and new missions, but if the mechanics of the game were terrible, it would still fall flat.

Luckily, the quality of the game is unsurpassed. It is the ONLY RTS on the iDevice that I have encountered (and I’ve played tons) that captures the FEEL of Starcraft / Command and Conquer without sacrificing interface functionality. Every other RTS has been dumbed down and simplified to compensate for the smaller screen and lack of mouse and hotkey interface. Warfare Inc. snorts in righteous indignation at these poser-RTS’s. You can tell that it is offended when it’s even mentioned in the same sentence as them – and it has every right to be. It has a fully functional RTS interface that stands up to anything on the PC or console. It has ingeniously utilized the “touch-and-hold” detection of the idevice to open up extra menus, practically pioneered the “pinch-box” unit selection into more mainstream use, and did it all seven years ago. Warfare Inc. has forgotten more about RTS gaming than most of its newer challengers will ever know.

Now, no game is perfect, and Warfare Inc. was certainly designed by people, not gods. As such, it has flaws. I hesitate to call them “mistakes,” or even say that these things are “wrong,” because they are not the sort of complaints that a gamer usually encounters. For one thing, the campaign mode lacks multiple races or factions with distinctive units. It has to: there simply wasn’t enough space to code all of that in. However, it should be doable now that we are 7 years down the road and dealing with the next-generation Ipods/Iphones/Ipads, rather than PDAs. Having multiple factions and distinctive units really gives an RTS its flavor. Another “gripe” is that the unit sprites are not very detailed. This may seem like an easily solvable problem, but in fact, it is a necessary evil. If the units were more detailed, the game would freeze or slowdown (and currently it runs as smooth as silk even in frenzied multiplayer). Aesthetics take a backseat here to gameplay and I for one think it was the right decision. People don’t play Starcraft because it still looks amazing after all these years; they play it for the great mechanics and experience. They play it for the competition. They play it for the massive versatility of content. Warfare Inc. has all these things, in spades.

Saying Warfare Inc. is the best RTS on the appstore is like saying birds fly or fish swim – It’s a given. But because RTS is such a niche genre, I cannot give a sweeping 100% endorsement to all gamers. If you liked Command and Conquer, Starcraft or Age of Empires, then Warfare Inc. is your crack. In such a case, I would upgrade it past “Kiss it,” beyond “Marry it” and into the realm of “assimilate it into your DNA.” For the average joe, this is a solid game with “meh” graphics and some of the deepest multiplayer and replay value around.

At the almost tragically undervalued price of $0.99, the game may just be the best app-buy you’ve ever made. Final Rating: Grab it.

App Summary
Title: Warfare Incorporated Developer: Spiffcode, Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.6 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: $0.99 App Size: 3.1 MB
  • Massive playerbase ensures for varied and exciting multiplayer
  • Nearly unlimited DLC maps for both single and multiplayer campaigns
  • Brilliant interface that conserves the depth of gameplay
  • Graphics and lack of alternate factions reveal the shortcomings of a game far ahead of it’s time


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