WritePad in Review – Nothing to Write Home About

WritePad for the iPhone or iPod Touch is a text editing software App which allows you to ‘write’ using your finger or a stylus on your touchscreen, and it’s converted to text. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure why anyone would want to buy or use this App. It’s not responsive enough for use for notetaking in meetings, as you have only so much space on your screen to write and you must wait for that to be recognised and entered into your document before you continue. Feel free to discuss this review of WritePad in our forums.

There’s also the matter of correcting your mistakes. I gave this App a pretty thorough testing, including throwing some of my best swear words at it and it did perform well in that respect. There were very few mistakes, and the ones that did appear were more to do with odd capitalisation (think iPhone) and punctuation than anything. Even with joined up writing, it didn’t do too badly. However, I couldn’t get it to recognise any punctuation, so if you want to include it you have to switch to the keyboard mode. This is fine, but if you wanted to use a keyboard in the first place, wouldn’t you have been better off using your computer?

Anyway, let’s just say you do want to create a text document on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Once you’ve done this, either by writing it or typing it, then going back and adding in punctuation and so on, you have more options. You can save the document on your iDevice, exchange it with other iDevices sharing your WiFi network, or upload it to your PC or laptop’s desktop. Other options include adding the text to an email to be sent from your iDevice, and copying and pasting between other Apps.

One bonus feature of this App is the fact you can translate the text you’ve written into another language. There weren’t a great deal of languages available for translation, so if you were planning on translating into a little-used language, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, my fluency in French isn’t good enough to know how well the translation worked, though I’m sure that ‘hello’ in French is ‘bonjour.’ My screen still says ‘hello’ – probably not a good sign.

Overall – this isn’t a bad App for the money, it’s just that whatever you can do in the App, you could do ten times quicker on a computer. However, if you do need something on your iDevice which enables you to input text, then WritePad will do the job. Just don’t expect the handwriting recognition to be foolproof, and if you do use it, don’t forget to proofread!

I wouldn’t really recommend this App for business use – there’s too much room for error, and the last thing you’d want to do is send a document through to a foreign business contact, only to find the translation is terrible and you’re left looking like an idiot.

For personal use, it’s OK, but has limited use so I’d probably look around for something cheaper.

App Summary
Title: WritePad Developer: Stan Miasnikov
Reviewed Ver: 3.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $1.99 App Size: 1.6 MB
  • Handwriting recognition is fairly good
  • Great if you need to create something when you’ve no access to a computer
  • Easy transferral of files once created
  • Spell checker can be ropey
  • Punctuation non-existent unless you use the keyboard
  • Language translation is not very accurate


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