Trader Vics LA Gives Away Tiki-themed iPhone Cases To First 50 Customers

San Diego, CA – Trader Vic’s Los Angeles announces a special promotion whereby it will be giving away iTiki(TM) iPhone cases to the first 50 customers on Thursday, March 25.

John Valencia, Big Kahuna at Trader Vic’s LA, said, “We love these iTiki cases and we want our customers to know about them too. The first fifty folks who come in on March 25th will get their very own iTiki case. They just need to get here in time while we have them in stock.”

iTiki was designed in Oahu, Hawaii and the first authentic Tiki-based iPhone case. Terence Goggin, creator of iTiki, explains how the case came about, “I love tiki. I love everything tiki. I’m a bit obsessed. It occurred to me that there were other folks who loved tiki like I do and had iPhones.”

The cases were designed over a 2-month period with the goal of capturing the fun and exotic nature of tiki art and culture.

Valencia added, “What better place than Trader Vic’s, the home of the original Mai Tai to let the world know about one more way to tiki-fy your life.”

Also appearing at Trader Vic’s on March 25th will be DJ Jay Strongman’s EDEN event. The pioneer in the booming club London club scene, Strongman mixes house, electro, disco, world music, hip hop, funk, northern soul and rock music that keep crowds entertained all night. Strongman is often requested for nightclubs, private parties and events for Madonna, Pink, Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, Whitney Houston Sony Music and MTV Europe. Now Trader Vic’s at L.A. LIVE patrons won’t even have to pay a cover to be treated to his weekly performances.

Goggin added, “This is such an exciting event. Not only will customers be able to get their own FREE iTiki case, but they’ll be able to experience this incredible DJ at work.”

The cases are only available for the first fifty customers so customers should arrive promptly at 8pm to guarantee their own case.

iTiki is available in two forms:
* Cosmic Blue–this iTiki was crafted to match the blue of the ocean
* Earthly Orange–this iTiki is the closest thing to a wooden Tiki sculpture

About Trader Vic’s
The Trader Vic’s Corporation has worked passionately over the years to remain true to the spirit of the Trader’s carefully conceived vision. The decor is authentic and transcendent, the flavors are savory and bold, the libations are exotic and enticing. Whether located on a waterfront, in the heart of a metropolis or down a spiral staircase in the warmly lit basement of a posh hotel, enter the world of Trader Vic’s and find the “carefully crafted chaos” of tikis and tribal masks, of primitive spears and ceremonial drums, of aboriginal fish traps and ancient canoes, of Gilded Lilies and Tahitian Honey Bees, Mai Tai’s and Bahia’s, Ahi Poke, Pupus and Indonesian Lamb Roast, etc.

Pricing and Availability:
iPhone users who can’t make the event can acquire their own iTiki at TikiCase for $29.97 (USD). iTiki can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Trader Vic’s LA

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