Nintaii2 In Review – Sticking My Block In A Hole: The Sequel

Last summer I had a chance to review one of my favorite flash-turned-iDevice-games, Nintaii, a very addictive puzzle game from developer Concrete Software. As anyone who’s read my previous reviews knows, I am addicted to “pick up and play” titles and that’s exactly what it is. Coming back now with a sequel to their wildly popular Nintaii, Nintaii2 is Concrete Software’s attempt at making a good game great. Feel free to discuss this review of Nintaii2 in our forums.

If you took my advice on the original title and grabbed it, Nintaii2 will look instantly familiar. Design wise they stuck to the same basic format and most elements from the original title are present in the second. One of the areas they did improve on was the board/game layout. With 100 new levels for you to conquer they also added new design/game elements to make the experience even more challenging and addictive. New features like break away ground, springs and more add to an already well founded design that is both eye-catching and immersive.

Controls for the game are the same as before which again will lend nicely to veterans but at the same time be easy enough for new comers to get the hang of. Swiping or tilting the device will move your block around the board, while using 2 fingers moves the screen around to navigate and view any portions of the board not on screen. If it looks or sounds intimidating don’t fret, they have a great instruction/tutorial available to you.

Game play is just as addictive as it was before. If anything it’s even more so. With all the enhancements and additions to the game it’s definitely a more challenging title, but in a “don’t want to put it down and admit defeat” kind of way. The new levels look amazing and although pretty similar in style to the original, still have their own unique features. I would have liked to see some completely different/never before seen designs but in all honesty if that’s the worst thing about the title it still ranks pretty highly in my book.

One of the biggest enhancements to the title this time around is the inclusion of the OpenFeint system. By doing this they’ve also added the ability to rack up points by completing various tasks and achievements. Not to mention be able to both take part in a growing community of socially connected gamers as well as make suggestions/connect with the developers directly. I was a little skeptical in the beginning when OpenFeint started to surface but they’ve definitely proven themselves to have the staying power necessary to survive and by adding that system and it’s built in “achievements” portion to the game it just makes it that much better.

All in all I am rather pleased with the Nintaii2. Using the solid foundation of the first title,  they enhanced it and made it even better than the original. In a world of sequels there is always worry about how the second will stand up to the first and I think that this title passed with flying colors. With more enhancements and levels in the works I have a feeling that this title will become just as popular if not more so than the original. I definitely have to recommend this one to fans of both the original Nintaii as well as just puzzle fans in general. With its addictive game play and immersive design it’ll keep you frustrated and happy for hours on end.  If you don’t trust me then check out the LITE version that they offer and then you can thank me after you upgrade.

App Summary
Title: Nintaii 2 Developer: Concrete Software, Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 11.5 MB
  • Great design
  • Extremely addictive
  • 100 levels included
  • OpenFeint Integration
  • Wanted to see a bigger or more dramatic change in design.


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