Tower Defense Evo in Review – If Fieldrunners was dead, he’d turn over in his grave

Fieldrunners was of the pioneers of Tower Defence games on the iPhone in general and the first open-field TD game in particular. It’s no wonder it spurred a number of clones. The more confusing thing is seeing such clones appear more than a year after the original was released. And with a defunct feature set nonetheless! And having said this let’s dive into Tower Defense Evo – maybe it DOES have at least something to say for itself? Feel free to discuss this review of Tower Defense Evo in our forums.

Tower Defense Evo is a classic open-field TD game. You probably can’t even get more classic than this. The enemies come from pre-set entry points and head towards your base. You build and upgrade towers to destroy them before they do make it in. Money is gained for eliminating enemies – same old, same old.

Tower Defense Evo seems to have a variety of towers to choose from: machine gun, slow, rocket, flamethrower, electrical and microwave. Unfortunately they are poorly balanced and with a strange definition of upgrade cost with each level costing roughly the same as a standalone tower of the same type. The effects don’t offer any revelations though, with even the more powerful towers seemingly having roughly the same amount of stopping power as the lower versions. This makes for some dull gameplay.

The enemies come in the standard varieties of quick and weak, slow and tough and the middle-managers punctuated by the flying varieties of all. But since all of the towers seem to be able to hit both ground and aerial targets the difference appears only in the path they take to get to the base.

But what about the gameplay value you ask? Well, Tower Defense Evo has 3 maps with some preset ground obstacles on the later ones. And yes, all of them are unlocked from the start. The levels can be played at easy, hard and endless modes, though due to the poor balancing of the game I was unable to reach the end of even the easy mode on the first map. And as of now no way to get extra maps is available.

The graphics strive to being more of the realistic type and I must admit they look rather sharp. At the same time they use roughly the same colours and result in being bleak and dull. There is nothing positive to be said about the music and sound effects either.

If Tower Defense Evo was released a year and a half ago, it would probably have gotten a significant amount of praise being the solid classic that it is. Unfortunately the industry has moved on since then and in the AppStore, already overcrowded with TD games there simply is no place for a poorly balanced no thrills title. Color Stone Ltd, you’re just too late.

With this I declare Tower Defense Evo officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Tower Defense Evo Developer: Color Stone Ltd
Reviewed Ver: 1.3 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 20.1 MB
  • Sharp and detailed graphics
  • Poor balance
  • Standard towers
  • only 3 maps
  • dull gameplay
  • bleak colour palette


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