Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red flies into App Store

Disgusting: Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red is gurgling its fetid, foaming face in the direction of the App Store. And a good thing too! Zombie Recycling is a fun way to use your noodle; you pop the heads of zombies back to where they belong. Evidently though, Red is harder than Green, so get your chequebooks out, write Tecmo a gift and get practicing with the first game in the series. Me? I’ll be queuing up my gaming brain cells for a wild weekend.

Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red TECMO,LTD., Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red – $1.99

By the way, Zombie Recycling Inc. : Moldy Green is on sale through the introduction of Rotten Red. It is down to 0.99$ from the formerly lofty 1.99$ price.

Zombie Recycling Inc. : Moldy Green TECMO,LTD., Zombie Recycling Inc. : Moldy Green – $0.99

Piccies, viddies and more after the gap:

Press Release

Tokyo, Japan, March 9, 2010 — In Zombie Recycling Inc.: Moldy Green, Tecmo opened the world’s eyes to the dire global shortage of zombies brought about by overuse of zombies in all areas of entertainment. Now Zombie Recycling Inc.: Rotten Red offers even more recycling locations and even harder challenges.

Tilt the iPhone or iPod touch to bounce zombie heads left or right, and drop them on the wandering corpses below in this unique puzzle action game. Not only does Zombie Recycling Inc.: Rotten Red bring back all your favorite obstacles–chainsaws, electrical wires, or flamethrowers–but also offers new kinds of gameplay like recycling in space! The comic style-story so popular in Zombie Recycling Inc.: Moldy Green and Annie’s Wild Shot is back too, so you can see just how the Zombie Recycling CEO’s fortunes work out.

Game Features

  • Harder action puzzle
  • 4 worlds, 48 stage
  • 3 kinds of zombie
  • Cute in-game comic to wrap up the story from Moldy Green

More information on the title is available from the following websites: Tecmo’s iPhone website (PC/iPhone/iPod touch): http://ip.tecmo.jp/ip/pc/e/top.html Tecmo’s official website: http://www.tecmo.co.jp/

Zombie Recycling Inc.: Rotten Red is rated “9+” and is available to download for $1.99.

About Tecmo

TECMO, LTD. is a global developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for current generation consoles, handhelds and digital download content based in Tokyo, Japan. TECMO is best known for the Dead or Alive®, Ninja Gaiden®, Tecmo Bowl® and Fatal Frame® series. On April 1, 2009, TECMO KOEI HOLDINGS CO.,Page 2 The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures (iPhone/iPod touch)

LTD was established as a result of the TECMO, LTD. and KOEI Co., Ltd. merger. More information on TECMO can be found at www.tecmo.co.jp.

Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red TECMO,LTD., Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red – $1.99

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