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Not sure what it’s all about as my Chinese is no better than my aptitude for good humour. But, I can tell that MortgagePRO isn’t your typical mortgage app – it’s for professionals wishing to bolster their career, their portfolio, and their earnings. It connects to Hong Kong’s largest and most influential banks to give up to the date rates and (presumably) more. Right, so I’m sure there are worse ways to doff a grand, but I can’t think of any at the moment. Certainly if you can make a little (or a lot) of extra dosh from mortgage trading, you probably have a natural aptitude for missing over-priced iDevice finance apps which undoubtedly have cheaper, less gimmicky alternatives.

MortgagePRO????? ???? ????? SINO Dynamic Solutions Ltd., MortgagePRO『按揭通』 按揭轉介 最方便快捷 – $999.99

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相信每個人也希望賺取更多收入,但怎樣才可以賺得輕鬆一點? MortgagePRO Limited推出的MortgagePRO™,便能讓你輕輕鬆鬆賺取更多金錢!因為它是全世界第一套可在iPhone/iPod Touch上申請按揭兼且資料詳盡的軟件;及搜羅最齊全香港銀行的按揭申請平台!以它申請按揭,更有佣金回贈,幫助你賺得更多!

按揭通MortgagePRO™是全球第一套可以在iPhone/iPod Touch上申請樓宇按揭的軟件。而且軟件簡單易用,最快只需兩分鐘,便能完成整個按揭申請步驟。



按揭通MortgagePRO™ 可說是現時市面最劃時代的iPhone軟件,為物業買賣市場寫下新一頁。如有查詢,歡迎聯絡我們:

公司: 按揭通有限公司
地址: 香港中環皇后大道中, 33 號, 萬邦行, 1702 室
電話: +852-2537-3320

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MortgagePRO ™ everyone to make big money!
The Professional version allows users to join in the mortgage pass home personal photos, so that real-time software, personal, and become really belong to anyone’s career. Professional Edition users can also be the mortgage portfolio and information via e-mail sent to other people so that they can contribute information anytime, anywhere to view them, choose the best suits their needs the mortgage portfolio.

I believe everyone will want to earn more income, but how we can earn a little easier? MortgagePRO Limited launched MortgagePRO ™, will allow you to easily make more money! Because it is the world’s first set of the iPhone / iPod Touch on a mortgage and a detailed software and data; and collecting the most comprehensive application platform for the mortgage banks in Hong Kong! with its application for the mortgage, more commission rebates to help you earn more!

Global “first” set of iPhone software, mortgage application
Mortgage Pass MortgagePRO ™ is the world’s first set in the iPhone / iPod Touch on a mortgage application software. And the software easy to use, only the fastest two minutes, will be able to complete the mortgage application procedure.

Mortgage Pass collecting as many as 30 local banks and financial institutions to provide all the mortgage portfolio, and the data are very detailed, not only in providing the banks with a list of the first and second on a monthly basis for the amount, the interest rates, cash rebates,penalty phase, and even stamp duty, solicitor fees, sale and purchase agreement also set out 11, but also provides the entire mortgage payment table for your reference. But also in the list, the system provides a minimum contribution will be put in a list of bank portfolio of the highest position, interface design is very thoughtful.

Anyone who can make big money!
Mortgage pass is set up for anyone but the best “profit-making” tool. Estate agent can of course, the mortgage-pass through the subject property owners to provide one-stop purchase services, even the users themselves want to buy property, will also be able to download the application mortgage mortgage pass, even to close friends or working partners can apply for, not only for each successful applications, the users apart from banks offer mortgage portfolio, it can receive an additional three into a commission as a friend or work partner able to provide more convenient mortgage services not only help people but also selfish!

Mortgage Pass MortgagePRO ™ can be said that the current market of the most epoch-making iPhone software to write a new chapter in property trading market. For further inquiries, please contact us:

Company: Mortgage Link Ltd
Address: Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, 33, Melbourne Plaza, Room 1702
Tel: +852-2537-3320

MortgagePRO????? ???? ????? SINO Dynamic Solutions Ltd., MortgagePRO『按揭通』 按揭轉介 最方便快捷 – $999.99

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