iBed – finally, you can pillow your iPhone!

(Facetious Editor Alert): Phone OS 3.2 is on the horizon and idiots all over are clamouring for multitasking, better home screen, and icon organisation among other useless features. Apple may make waves by catching up to certain other smartphones which have enabled these features since day one, but their best efforts amount to the smallest of ripples in my personal puddle.

I want to lay down with my mail, my web, my Facebook without the damn accelerometer forcing me to sit straight up or holding onto my iDevice like a chin up bar. iBed, a simple utility allows the lazy (or way too busy) to get a good grip on the erstwhile unwieldy platform. Honestly, Apple, this 0.99$ app has outdone one of the the most easy ‘features’ you could have added to your list of innovations. Internal support is somewhat limited of course as it cannot make changes to universal toggles, but the included clients cover the majority of bases for the majority of North Americans at least. Thank you Tal Shrestha.

iBed Tal Shrestha, iBed – $0.99

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App Description

Finally! a way to read your email, visit Facebook or surf the web while lying down (without having the screen flipped to landscape mode)

Have you found yourself lying in bed, trying to read your email, launch Facebook, or surf the web and got annoyed that the screen flips? If the answer is yes then iBed is for you.

-> Internet connection required

iBed Tal Shrestha, iBed – $0.99

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