The Game Trail – Sifting the App Store’s wheat from the chaff

Think about it: Youtube is a great resource. You can catch up on stupid adverts, funny advice, and most of all, game videos. Fabrication GamesThe Game Trail aggregates the App Store’s 20 000 games, susses their scores, and helps you make the most informed buying decision. If they’ve not used their complex rating algorithm on the app you really want to know about, go ahead and submit the question to them – they’d be only too happy to help. Best part about Game Trail? It’s FREE!

The Game Trail Fabrication Games, The Game Trail – Free

Piccies and the skinny after the gap:

App Description

Do you like to play games on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Having trouble deciding what game to get next? Do you find it difficult to know where to start among App Store’s more than 20 000 games? Well, in that case, you are not alone. Millions
of people have the same problem. At Fabrication Games, we have worked with mobile game development for the past 10 years. Our friends and their friends were asking us what games to get. We thought we’d share those recommendations
with you, which is why we created TheGameTrail.

At TheGameTrail you can “trail” your way to your next game. Every game has trailers or reviews attached to them so you can easily tell if the gameplay suits you. Screenshots and descriptions written by the developers are not enough. Get a better feeling for the game with videos or reviews at TheGameTrail. Have we missed a great game, or have you made a review you like to share? Just submit it to us and we will add it.

TheGameTrail was invented and created by Fabrication Games.

The Game Trail Fabrication Games, The Game Trail – Free

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