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Get ready for a bit of 24-esque red-eye on the 6th of this month; but don’t worry, it’s a Saturday, meaning your ‘rents won’t rip you a new one for staying up late. Creature24 is an odd band of brothers who will be expanding upon their already marketable resume of achievements by programming an iPhone game in 24 hours, live, and sociable. Their fans will be given some love too – to be mentioned in the game’s Fan Wall, just follow Creature24’s website and Twitter account: @Creature24hr for the goodness. The game will be started from just a ‘skeleton idea’, Creature24 will hank and pank a game from idea to submission to Apple in 24 hours!

The three lads represent their respective companies:

Teaser vid and more after the gap:

More good news for followers: you can suggest bits and pieces of advice to the devs which MAY make into the production game. Creature24 will also be demoing and giving away pieces of the software they use to makes apps.

Current giveaways include:

Press Release

Watch it all unfold LIVE right before your eyes by following our Blog at during the event. Each of us will be posting updates on our progress throughout the day. You’ll be able to view sketches, graphics and screenshots as and when they’re made, listen to sound effects and music as they’re created, and comment on any post that we make on the site.

It’s not just fun for us though… :)

YOU (yes, YOU!) can participate in the process too! Simply by following @Creature24hr on Twitter your Twitter name will be included in the Fan Wall shown within the game! We’ll also be asking for input and ideas on specific topics throughout the event; so something YOU suggest could directly make it into the game!

We will also be looking for 10 AdHoc testers to look at builds and provide feedback to us; all testers will be listed in the in-game credits! Details will be posted on the Blog during the event.

As an added bonus, we are currently working on obtaining licenses for some great software giveaways! Not only will you see us talking about the software we’re using, YOU can also become eligible to win a license for that software! If you’re an aspiring iPhone/iPod touch developer in any capacity, now’s your chance to get some super Mac applications for free! Pretty soon you’ll be doing your own 24-hour project! More details will appear on the Blog during the week leading up to the event, so stop by to see what’s new.

Do you think we can do it? Go to on March 6th starting at 9:00am EST and find out! It’ll be live so anything goes! Stop by to lend your support by making comments to our posts! And who knows? You might even walk away with some pretty slick software to help you develop your own games, or get to see one of your ideas make it into the game itself!

See you there!

Good luck Creature24 and TMA readers!

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