Apple VS HTC VS Google – patents gavelled over in new lawsuit

The iPhone is the template for the modern smartphone. Its UI, App Store, and looks each have spawned dozens of look, act, and sell-alikes. But that may be the problem. Apple patented many aspects of its UI and from yesterday, have embroiled themselves in a battle with HTC (and by analogue, Google) in an effort to protect their innovations. If they can successfully defend their patents, it will be a major win for Apple, but also for software lawsuits in general which have never faired as well in debating the finer points of design and intellectual property.

Apple are constantly embroiled in legal affairs: whether battling their own ground or anothers’, they are a veteran in both offence and defence. Still, this lawsuit may take years to settle. Apple’s language to the ITC regarding HTC (tongue twister) is harsh: they demand all handsets to be banned from sale in the United States of America because of the violation of 20 of their patents.

Apple reckon HTC to have violated following: “software architectures, frameworks, and implementations, including various aspects of software used to implement operating systems”. Time will tell, but the outcome of this lawsuit will spell a lot of movement in the handset market. If thwarted, Apple will face competition who increasingly care cut from the same cloth. If however, their lawsuit is successful, smartphone handsets may be doomed to stylus tracing and hardware keyboards forever.

[via AppleInsider]
  • ARK

    Holy crap this is probably the most biased piece of news I’ve ever seen.
    Apple patented multitouch. That’s right, they’re attempting to patent “using more than one fingers on screen”. This is like Microsoft trying to patent “using a cursor for your mouse”, its ludicrous and it serves as a good reminder of how evil and closed this company has become.

  • Indeed it is biased. Welcome to an iPhone website! Read the bit at the end though: sounds like there is a turnaround for ol’ TMA!

  • ARK

    I’m fine with a little bias, but not pointing out how absurd some of Apple’s patents are crosses the line. Might as well put (infidels) after every mention of Google.

  • Take a look at the last sentence (of the TMA update) and consider it an inference into what you hope for.

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