Jays launch handcrafted ear moulds for q-Jays earphones!

The q-Jays is already a wonderful earphone full of details and space. But Jays aim to make it even better with a new service: custom silicon ear moulds for their current top-of-the-line earphone. Unlike other manufacturers, Jays will make use of silicon rather than acrylic. This ostensibly affords listeners and performers better isolation and comfort than traditional acrylic moulds. Jays’s partner is Bellman & Symfon AB, a Swedish hearing protection company, to bring audiophiles and professionals alike, a kick apps in-ear system. Feel free to discuss the Jays launch handcrafted ear moulds for q-Jays earphones in our forums.

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Press Release

Swedish earphone manufacturer Jays AB teams up with hearing technology specialist Bellman & Symfon AB to offer individually adapted earphones.

Jays, producer of award-winning earphones, has partnered with Bellman & Symfon, world-leading experts in hearing technology, to boost its range with the launch of q-JAYS Custom, the ultimate personalized audio product.

q-JAYS Custom feature Jays dual armature q-JAYS earphones mounted in a silicone shape that is casted to fit to the users own ear canal for maximum comfort and sound quality. This hand-crafted mold provides close to complete sound isolation to allow the user to enjoy the incedible performance of the smallest earphones on the market completely uninterrupted.

A unique feature is that the earphone can be safely removed and placed back in the mold, allowing for use also as a normal in-earphone. This makes it possible to change the silicone mold, which should be done in intervals of 4 to 5 years, without investing in a new earphone.

“We meet hundreds of musicians and they often ask if we can provide this type of in-ear monitor to use in live performances” says Peter Cedmer, product manager at Jays. “Live performers are like the Formula 1 drivers of the audio world, theyre an extremely demanding group of customers but working in close cooperation with them allows us to develop the very best products. With the launch of the q-JAYS Custom we can now offer the very best in this personalized earphone technology to our non-professional customers as well.”

Fredrik Ahlström, CEO at Bellman & Symfon Europe AB commented, “For many years weve been at the forefront of innovation in the hearing protection, alerting and listening device market so its very exciting to be teaming up with another strong Swedish audio technology brand. With our joint focus on quality and personalized service we can now work together to develop an even stronger set of products to our customers”.

q-JAYS Custom will be available in the beginning of April 2010.

– q-JAYS Custom: www.jays.se/products/earphones/q-jays-custom-molds.html

– Testresults: http://www.jays.se/products/general/awards-reviews.html

– Activists: www.jays.se/blog/words-about

For more information, please contact:

Peter Cedmer, Product manager, Jays AB

Cell: +46 (0)73 828 52 36

E-mail: peter.cedmer@jays.se

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