Zombie Recycling Inc. : Moldy Green in Review – The head on the door

Haunted memories of Biohazard keep my lips sealed regarding a person problem: I am scared to death of zombies. I’ve had dreams, waking shocks of terror, and have even run from my wife who loves to mimic the walking dead. Thanks to Tecmo’s Zombie Recycling Inc. : Moldy Green (ZRIMG), however, such overboard reactions are a thing of the past. ZRIMG is a fun and deathly cute game which pits you against the clock and obstacles to finish a gruesome task. Feel free to discuss this review of Zombie Recycling in our forums.

Tecmo have kept things simple: ZRIMG has one basic goal: return zombie’s fetid heads to their horrid, but rightful places. It could be the dancing body of a formerly lively cutie, or a large thumbs-for-fingers ex-chef; it could be another, harder to describe body, but one thing is certain, heads must go back to their proper places.

Doing so couldn’t be simpler: tilt your iDevice to angle the head down its bouncy pathway. It will have to avoid numerous dangers: fire pots, electric fields, heights, etc., in order to stick back onto its rotten remains. Missing the patient zombie body at the bottom, or bumping into any of the myriad and deadly obstacles will destroy the zombie head and end your game.

that's what electrocuted z-head looks like

It is the simplest of goals and the mechanics of tilting couldn’t be easier – or better implemented. In a nutshell, that is Zombie Recycling. Tecmo added more, however. If you swipe vertically whilst the head is in the air, it changes rotation. Merely planting the zombie’s head onto its body isn’t enough: you should strive to get the best possible angle. A firm straight plant will rake in the highest score, while landing it at an awkward angle will give you the worst gains. All scores including time are recorded in the game’s database.

ZRIMG is split into ‘worlds’, each with several handfuls of levels. Things start easy enough: static zombies, few obstacles, but quickly get frantic. Levels can be coloured with anything from several different types of zombie bodies, to loads of head-crushing weapons and Super Mario-esque platforms and gaps. Recyling zombies, unlike ‘retiring’ androids isn’t a mushy, moral quandary. It just seems right.

So too does the music. It is forceful, somewhat chaotic and laced by the constant returning lyric: ‘zombie’! Effects are wet’n squishy when they need to be, and bone-cracking hard when they need. There is no support for the iTunes library or external iTunes playback, however – tough luck. Finally, things look great. Flaming heads, broken brains, and every single animation look amazing: ZRIMG is simply stunning.

Given its price, it performs well: lots of scores to beat, loads of levels and polish which maladroitly fits the zombie genre. I have come to love the gross, the unsightly, the separation of life and limb. The spark of humour and gameplay which ignites the heads of the undead in Zombie Recycling is great. This game is worth a hell of a lot of spark; but Tecmo haven’t added leader boards for their horror craving fans – that my friends, is my only complaint for this otherwise excellent, evil-eschewing game.

App Summary
Title: Zombie Recycling Inc. : Moldy Green Developer: TECMO,LTD.
Reviewed Ver: 1.01 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: $1.99 App Size: 11.9 MB
  • Simple, but really fun
  • Great use of the iDevice
  • Great graphics and sound
  • Good balance of difficulty
  • Tasteless and funny!
  • Online leader boards would make the 1.99$ fully worth it


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