ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month (February 2010) – Spring is here and I’m dishing out a $10 iTunes Gift Card again!

Well, spring is here and it’s finally getting warmer. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and it’s time to wrap up the comments for the month for February. This month has been kind of slow on the comments part, maybe due to the enormous amount of activity happening on our recently opened forums.

You can find the winner of this month’s contest along with the recap of rules after the gap. And people, I encourage you to comment more and more! The amount of digging I had to do to find a suitable comment this month appalled me! Anyway, here we go!

And the winner for the best comment of February 2010 is – bryangne for his nice tip on Heavy Mach 2 left in my review of the game – Heavy Mach 2 in Review – Putting the heavy in top down shooters

heres a cool gun glitch.

Stuck on a boss? cant get em before they get you? Well look no further! First, buy two rail guns. equip one and leave the other in the inventory. target the boss. while a shot from your rail gun is about to hit the boss, pause the game. then switch the rail guns. a rail gun shot should materialize behind the gun. keep switching until a huge ball of energy is formed. then, unpause. it should take a sizable chunk out of the boss’s health. rinse and repeat. you should be able to beat the boss without losing much health. Have fun!!! ;)

bryangne, thank you very much for your excellent find! And though the developers have already caught on to the bug, I did use it on a few occasions to help me through the difficult bits before they did :) Look forward to your $10 iTunes GC in the mail!

For all you lazy readers out there I’ll do a recap of the rules so that you see actually how easy it is to win a $10 iTunes GC:

So – keep on sharing your ideas and thoughts on our work and you too could be the next owner of a $10 iTunes Gift Card.

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