Rimelands: Hammer Of Thor – The dream RPG we’ve all been waiting for on the iDevice?

[update 1] Take a look at our exclusive interview with Arto & Peter from Dicework Games
[update 2] Our hands-on preview is now up.

Dicework Games have recently updated their blog with some in-depth information and screenshots of their upcoming RPG – Rimelands: Hammer Of Thor. Additionally they have just announced that they will be teaming up with Crescent Moon Games – the developers of Ravensword: The Fallen King (TMA Review) – to put the finishing touches and publish the upcoming game.

Though it’s quite hard to tell at this point – the game seems to be not unlike a certain legendary Rogue and is a turn-based RPG and, thankfully, does NOT involve any kind of Japanimation whatsoever. You can find the original details after the gap, but to sum it up – the combat will use a classic one-action scheme of it’s ancestor along with an expansive character development system and distinct classes. The story will be completely linear with no dialogue trees, though there will be plenty sidequests and hidden treasures to encourage thorough exploration of game areas. A nice touch is including both randomly generated levels along with some pre-designed ones to extend replayability. Oh yeah, and the latter ones will contain puzzles.

I have secured an interview with the developers of Rimelands for Monday around noon European time, so feel free to leave any questions you’d like me to raise either in the comments or in the forums. And be sure to check the full details after the gap.


The combat is turn-based in the same way as in many roguelike games: on each turn you move to an adjacent tile or perform a single action. Then, all the enemies visible do the same. The basic tactical choices depend on your character build: melee path characters’ tactics involve efficient use of weapons and talents, ranged characters will find to their advantage to keep mobile and plan their routes, while magic users need to keep track of their mana reserves.

Varying enemy types will require different strategies and some enemies will work together, so you’ll need to think carefully which opponents to tackle first and with which attacks.

We are taking efforts to ensure that the game mechanics are as transparent as possible, so you’ll always have a good grasp about the consequences of your choices. The main guideline is that if you fail, you’ll have a good understanding of what actions most probably lead to your demise.

Exploration And Story

The game features both random generated and pre-designed levels, latter of which will also include some light puzzle elements. There won’t be too many mazes, but people wanting to search any nook and cranny will find their efforts rewarded by additional treasures.

The main plot in the game will be linear and there won’t be any dialogue trees, but additional side quests will be there. We’re taking care not to drown anyone in the dialogue, so all the conversations in the game game will be pretty short. We’re also planning (skippable) cut-scenes in between the levels to carry out the story, but we can’t yet tell how they will be handled.

The mood of the story will be light, adventurous and slightly humorous, but with some more epic and serious undertones.

In retrospect, the Nausicaa vibe some have noticed in the forums is a good perception, although Laputa has been a more conscious inspiration. Among many others, of course.

And a little backstory comic:

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