Preview: The Egyptian Prophecy – An exclusive first look at Tetraedge’s next adventure!

Tetraedge, the company behind some of the best adventure games on the iDevice, have given me the unique opportunity to test out their upcoming game – The Egyptian Prophecy – a port of the PC title by Kheops Studio: Egypt 3: The Egyptian Prophecy. And being the sneaky guy that I am I also took the opportunity to take a video of the gameplay.

The Egyptian Prophecy is a classic first-person adventure set in ancient Egypt. The pharaoh is charged by the god Amun-Ra to build an obelisk in the name of the god to save his life. Unfortunately the construction works are plagued by mishaps and accidents. The story follows the adventures of Maya, who is charged by the pharaoh himself to investigate the delays.

The gameplay in Egyptian Prophecy is the classic rendition of first-person adventure games. You explore the surrounding areas, talk to people, solve puzzles, find items and then find a place to use them – you know, the usual! While the inventory management has been somewhat simplified by the absence of item combining, Egyptian Prophecy is among the few adventure games that offers the usage of special powers. You start with clairvoyance and obtain various new skills throughout the game. Timely and clever usage of the powers are essential to progress in the game and tie in logically with the puzzles.

Egyptian Prophecy uses the same 360 degree engine as the previous games by Tetraedge which accounts for the amazing graphics quality and excellent performance even on the older phones. The in-game interface is similar to earlier releases, though the inventory one has been built from scratch and looks simply gorgeous.

The game will be released in 3 episodes much like the recent Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 1 and may also be priced at $0.99 a piece. I would estimate the gameplay at about 2-3 hours per episode which would make for a fair overall time of 6-9 hours for the full game. The development is in its final stages and all episodes will probably either be released at the same time or at least in close succession since they are all fully playable and almost without bugs already. The only point not yet defined is the publisher, who may have a say in the final release dates.

The Egyptian Prophecy is an excellent title for all adventure fans to sink their teeth in to. It offers the unique opportunity of diving into the charm of ancient Egypt wrapped in a visually beautiful package and a user-friendly interface.

With this I officially declare The Egyptian Prophecy preTouched!

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