Sensaphonics 3XMax triple-driver custom earphone introduced

Sensaphonics are a virtual monolith in the American professional/musician earphone business. Their hitherto bread and butter, 2X-s and Max are excellent custom earphones for professionals and audiophiles alike. While TMA is still working on the 2X-s review, Sensaphonics one-upped us by introducing their newest, the triple-driver 3XMax. The new earphone shares many similarities to its older brother: both earphones are housed in medical-grade silicon which isn’t susceptible to the horrors of cracking whilst in the ear. And, mirroring last year’s 2X-s upgrade, it touts a field-replaceable cable for added insurance. Of course, the addition of an extra driver will aid dynamic range and accuracy in musical reproduction.

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Press Release

Sensaphonics is proud to present a new reference standard in custom in-ear monitoring – the 3MAX.

This all-new earphone features a proprietary triple-driver design, field- tested for exceptionally accurate audio by a panel of long-time touring artists and engineers. With its twin-drive bass system and precision high-frequency driver, the 3MAX offers the more potent SPL output inherent in a higher sensitivity design, literally taking Sensaphonics’ legendary sonic
accuracy to a new level.

The 3MAX is also the only triple-driver earphone with the long-wearing comfort of medical-grade, all silicone earpieces. This resilient material won’t shrink, crack or fade, protecting the internal electronics from harm while assuring a tight seal and maximum isolation.

Every aspect of the 3MAX is top-of-the-line, right down to its field-replaceable cable system. Our supple, tour-grade cable is secured to the earpieces with a small nylon screw to guarantee a firm connection that can’t be accidentally unplugged. In the unlikely event of a failure, the cable is easily replaced, eliminating costly repairs while keeping the band rockin’.

Welcome to the new state of the art in custom earphone design – the Sensaphonics 3MAX.

Sensaphonics launches 3MAX triple-driver earphones
World’s first triple-driver gel silicone custom earphones premier at Winter NAMM.

Anaheim, CA (January 14, 2010) Sensaphonics has announced the introduction of its latest model, the 3MAX triple-driver custom earphone. The first and only triple-driver earphone with the long-wearing comfort of soft-gel silicone earpieces, the new 3MAX also features a field-replaceable cable as standard. By combining a proprietary twin-driver bass system with a precision high frequency driver, the 3MAX delivers exceptionally accurate in-ear audio with higher SPL and more bass headroom than any previous model.

“We were the first manufacturer to extend low frequency response by adding a second speaker to a custom earphone,” notes Sensaphonics President and founder Michael Santucci. “To meet today’s demands on IEM earphone performance, we developed a triple-driver design that can deliver as much acoustic push as modern wireless systems can provide, while retaining the sound signature that has made our 2MAX and 2X-S models so successful.”

In finalizing the 3MAX design, a panel of monitor engineers and musicians participated in blind tests to select the best sound quality. “It’s not how many drivers you can fit into an earphone – it’s how accurate they sound,” states Dr. Santucci. “And with the 3MAX, we’ve achieved a new level of excellence. Our test panel confirms it.”

Because the 3MAX attains significantly higher levels than previous Sensaphonics designs, Santucci cautions, “As an audiologist, I actively encourage musicians to listen at safe levels.  We strongly urge 3MAX customers to also consider our dB Check in-ear sound analyzer.” The dB Check is an in-line metering device that allows users to see their in-ear levels in real time, and displays how long they can safely listen at that volume.

The Sensaphonics 3MAX custom earphone is now available. Contact us for more information.

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