FoneMonkey iPhone App Testing Tool by Gorilla Logic

Devs, testers and QA peeps, FoneMonkey, an open source script tester by Gorilla Logic, has been released. FoneMoneky provides “iPhone app developers and testers with the ability to record, edit, and playback user interface tests and fully automate iPhone app testing”- essentially removing the need to manually monitor script testing for simple user interface guides. Adding to its flare, FoneMonkey is open source.

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Press Release

iPhone App Testing Tool, FoneMonkeyTM, Announced by Gorilla Logic
Open-Source Tool Provides Automated Record and Playback Testing for iPhone Apps
Broomfield, CO – February 23rd, 2010 – Gorilla Logic, an enterprise IT consulting services firm known for providing top talent, today announced the first public release of FoneMonkeyTM, an open-source functional testing tool for iPhone apps.

FoneMonkey is the world’s first iPhone functional testing tool, open source or otherwise, and provides iPhone app developers and testers with the ability to record, edit, and playback user interface tests and fully automate iPhone app testing. Such automated testing is critical to any agile development process since iterative software development requires comprehensive regression testing that is too expensive to perform manually.
Like Gorilla Logic’s FlexMonkey testing tool for Adobe Flex applications, FoneMonkey has been designed to be used as a standalone, interactive recording and playback tool, but also provides the option to easily extend scripts with native programming code, and to run scripts from within build scripts or from continuous integration environments. Additionally, FoneMonkey directly supports integration with test frameworks such as OCUnit and the Google Toolkit for Mac.

“With the release of FoneMonkey, iPhone developers finally have the ability to easily automate comprehensive tests suites for the iPhone. The absence of automated testing has been a major challenge for enterprises who need to create bug-free iPhone apps for their customers”, said Stu Stern, Gorilla Logic CEO and creator of FoneMonkey. “We look forward to working together with the iPhone developer community to achieve the same kind of success with FoneMonkey that we’ve achieved with FlexMonkey, which has thousands of users and is relied on by hundreds of enterprises.”

Free and open source, FoneMonkey provides a complete and sophisticated functional testing solution for the iPhone with features including:

  • Recording and Playback of most iPhone user-interface gestures including touches, dragging, scrolling, typing, and shaking.
  • Robust, readable test scripts that won’t be broken by cosmetic app changes. • An integrated script editor. • An Objective-C API that allows scripts to be extended with Objective-C code or created entirely from scratch without recording.
  • Compatible with popular test frameworks like OCUnit, and continuous integration environments.
  • Runs on the simulator as well as the iPhone device. • Easily extensible to work with custom components or interface gestures.

As a result of successfully developing mobile app solutions for a variety of clients as well as mentoring many more on mobile strategies and what is technologically possible, Gorilla Logic identified concern at all levels of an organization in regards to quality and predictability in mobile app offerings. FoneMonkey was designed to provide developers with a tool to decrease development time through reduced regression risk and address management’s concerns about unforeseen costs resulting from inefficient, manual testing.
To learn more about FoneMonkey, any of Gorilla Logic’s other open-source tools, or our application development services and expertise, please visit:

About Gorilla Logic
Gorilla Logic is an enterprise application development services and consulting firm known industry-wide for providing “gorilla” consultants that can dramatically improve development team productivity. Gorilla Logic has long demonstrated their industry-leading expertise in enterprise Java / JEE development, Adobe Flex / RIA development, and mobile device application development, including the iPhone. Gorilla Logic has been engaged by Fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from financial services to entertainment to aerospace and the government sector to ensure the success of their most mission critical projects.

Gorilla Logic also develops open source tools for Java, Flex, and iPhone developers.

For more information about Gorilla Logic, please visit or email
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