Update: Our review of Fox Vs Duck is now up on TMA.

Back in the day when eat or be eaten ruled our insular universe, things were easy. Now, flesh and blood contend with the following: work or starve, bib or drool, stripes or polka dots – it ain’t easy. Fox VS Duck, a Zen-like game, aims to bring that simplicity back to gamers’ lives. Fox VS Duck comes from the same brilliant minds who brought us MiniSquadron. MrFungFung have this to say about their upcoming game:

It’s all about addictive, hypnotic gameplay in a stunningly elegant zen environment. We invite you to take part in Fox Vs Duck, a quirky and poetic game of Prey and Predator, of Life and Death.

TMA has reviewed Fox Vs Duck which is out now:

Fox Vs Duck MrFungFung, Fox Vs Duck – $0.99

More after the gap:

But I prefer this admonition from MrFungFung the best: “PLAY, FOR DUCK’S SAKE.”

Fox Vs Duck is scheduled for release at the App Store in March and is likely to turn the heads of more than one gamer, TMA certainly included.

You can follow Fox Vs Duck’s development at the following MrFungFung repositories:

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