Stinger Table Hockey In Review – They Shoot…they scooooore!!

Whether it’s in your game room, or the bar down the street, almost everyone is familiar with table hockey. Going by many other names (bubble hockey, rod hockey, etc), some of the greatest hockey battles have been won and lost on these tables. Now thanks to developer Stinger Games and their title Stinger Table Hockey (STHL), those same battles can be had anytime, anywhere, on your iDevice.

I was fortunate to get a pre-release copy of STHL just prior to its successful launch. Upon hearing what the game was and seeing the few snapshots provided I was all over this title. I know from experience how both exciting and frustrating a game of table hockey can be. The nostalgia factor alone would have made me buy this game on the spot if I just stumbled upon it in the appstore.

STHL looks great. The resemblance to a real table hockey setup is spot on. They did a great job of designing the rink and adding all the appropriate paths that the pieces move. Even the players, in their fixed stances looked really good. Another great graphics job is during game play. When somebody scores you get to see the slow motion instant replay. They managed to keep the motion smooth and the realism of the puck reaction to being hit looks so good. Whether you’re shooting or being shot on, you’ll definitely enjoy watching these, I know I did.

Handling the game is a bit tricky at first. If you are familiar with the game your learning curve might be a little easier but it still takes a little bit of practice to get down. Thankfully they offer a handy little tutorial that teaches you what you need to know to win. During play I found using the controls to not be that difficult after I got the hang of them. Although some people might get a little frustrated, all I can say is give it time. This kind of game can really grow on you once you start to get used to how it works.

Think of it like this. You are from Canada, your friend is from the U.S.A… You’ve been arguing all day about who is better at hockey. Now you have the perfect way to settle the argument once and for all. With 38 International teams available as well as a secret “must have” team you’ll be able to settle decades of old hockey battles right in the palm of your hand.

If you’re done/tired of settling old feuds, start your own. Using the customize option you can create your own team, choose your colors and even add your own logo. Then take them into a tournament or match and represent yourself.

When it comes to playing the game you have a few options available to you. First is your standard single player which you can play either as just one game or as part of a tournament. Next is multiplayer, available either via wifi/bluetooth. Last is the skills section. Here you test your abilities in 3 different disciplines of the game. I was able to test all versions of play except for the multiplayer (due to lack of second device) however if it’s anywhere near as good as the single player modes then It’ll be excellent.
On top of all the various types of play, they also have built in stat tracking and integrated the OpenFeint system with all sorts of achievements for you to strive for as well.

In the end I have to say that Stinger Table Hockey rocks! Until a little while ago I didn’t even know it existed. Then once I did I built up all sorts of hype all by myself and was extremely happy to see that it lived up to every expectation that I had. I have to recommend this one to any hockey fan. If you like air hockey but would love a new challenge; if you’ve played table hockey before and want to remember the glory days – heck if you just like watching it on TV every now and then, I think all would enjoy this fun little title.

App Summary
Title: Stinger Table Hockey Developer: Stinger Games
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: $1.99 App Size: 10.6 MB
  • Excellent design
  • True to life game physics
  • Smooth play/video replays
  • Very addictive
  • No global multi-player


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