Red Bull Racing Challenge In Review – Energy Drinks And Fast Cars, Great Combination!

For anyone not in the know, Red Bull Racing was born from the sale of the Jaguar racing team to the Red Bull Corp. Having already invested many years in “open-wheel” racing with the Sauber team and their young drivers programs, this was the chance for them to run their own show, which they have with much success. Now, developer Artificial Life have partnered with the storied brand to bring you one of the latest racing titles to hit the app store. With other successful major partnerships under their belt (e.g. PANDORUM). Read on to see if Red Bull Racing Challenge is able to take the checkered flag.

In order to sustain high FPS gaming, racing games often have to tone graphic detail down. Red Bull Racing Challenge is no exception to this rule; Artificial Life have toned the graphics down a little bit. Not so much that it’s awful, just not as “saturated” or as “rich” as you may know some of their titles to be.

I really like how it turned out visually though. The lines are still clean and the colors are good. They even added a few extra visual treats for you during the race. For example, if you find yourself sliding off track into a soft shoulder, you’ll notice that your tires will get muddy and they stay that way for a little bit. A nice fun little treat.

Controls are great. There are 3 different setups that you can choose from. It takes a bit to get used to some of it (the tapping to go left or right is the most difficult for me) but afterwards you’ll find yourself whipping around the track like a pro. The handling of the car is pretty smooth when using the accelerometer. I ran of the tracks a few times (ok a lot, shut up) but after I got a few good races under my belt I was on my way.

As for racing modes, all the usual flavours are here. Up top is quick race mode. Just select from a few options and you get dropped right into a race. Challenges, is where you’ll find the Season play, Time Attack and Multiplayer (via bluetooth). All the various modes offer some good racing and overall I would say that Time Attack was my favorite. As is the case in life I am often my own best competition. I just wish they could have included an online multi-player as well.

They really went all out to give you the most they could out of this game. Allowing you to enjoy more realism by having to compete in practice and qualifiers, letting you change various weather and track conditions, integration into social networks and the global leader board. All makes for a more well rounded enjoyable experience. Another great addition to the title is the Red Bull Energy Station. In it you will find links to videos, photo galleries as well as a quiz centre where you can test your knowledge of the team and unlock more content to view and enjoy. Not a necessary feature of the game but a great addition to encourage people to learn more about them and maybe become fans of their real life racing as well.

Overall I have to say I am pretty impressed with Red Bull Racing. I’ve had a fair amount of racing games pass through my hands and this is definitely one of the better F1 style racing games that I have seen in a while. Fans of all racing could enjoy this game. Even if you are not a viewer/fan of F1, I think you’ll still appreciate the difficulty that comes with driving these racing machines versus more traditional cars.

App Summary
Title: Red Bull Racing Challenge Developer: Artificial Life, Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 53.1 MB
  • Nice handling/controls
  • Lots of race options (weather, difficulty,etc)
  • Global leader board
  • Enery Station is full of media (videos, photos, quiz)
  • No online play
  • Toned-down graphics


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