Dizzy Dropsâ„¢ in Review – The rain in Spain, stays mainly on the plain?

No one knows me as a puzzle challenger. Rather, I get dubbed slow and dull by my best of friends; at the worst, the nicknames sting. Despite that, I enjoy a good challenge. Dizzy Drops is that sort of challenge – it’s the sort of mad-finger flicking game that reminds me of crazy non-video arcade games in the past: bop the weasel, two hand splat – that sort which is full of physical action. Scale things down and this finger-crosser of a game will have you sweatin’.

Essentially, Dizzy Drops is about matching – colour matching that is. Drops fall from the sky, slowly at first, and pick up pace as the level increases. The crazy thing is that there is no automatic pause between levels, so you just have to go mad matching them till YOU drop.

What you are supposed to do is move the coloured buckets so they match the rain. It’s a swap system, so the bucket you drag will switch places with another. Clever and tricky. I will admit to at first getting swamped – the drops came at me with such speed, such force, that my fingers got fumbled up. Given a few tries, however, and I started to rank in the top 1000 (for me that isn’t bad) and got up to level 7 or so.

The reason I can’t get further than that is that Dizzy Drops starts to get fast – really fast. And it isn’t just drops that are falling: merits, bombs, and extra lives drop down the screen too. To grab or stop them, you have to tap them AND somehow manage everything else. It is hard work.

That was Classic mode. Memory mode is less crazy, but requires more from your noodle. It employs the same swap-drag method, but instead of forcing you to match falling colours, a series of 4 unidentified drops drip down the screen and it is your job to determine their order. After they splash into their buckets, a sign will indicate how many you got correct/right. From there, you just have to figure it out, swapping, memorising, and sussing out the little drips.

Both modes are fun and cute – to a point. There isn’t really anything else to the game. Cutish graphics and fun music make Dizzy Drops a laugh, but unlike a few other falling puzzles, dizzy is very much WSIWG. It comes at a good price and is fun – no doubt, but I just keep wishing for more to bring me back.

App Summary
Title: Dizzy Dropsâ„¢ Developer: Dynamo Games
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 5.0 MB
  • Cute graphics
  • Tight, fast gameplay
  • Leader boards are a nice touch
  • Lack of game modes
  • Endless gameplay mechanic doesn’t leave room for growth


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