Zogma: Tactical Zombie Survival Simulator In Review – Saving Yourself, One Shotgun Shell At A Time

Somehow, I thought the “undead” craze had all but faded away. I hadn’t found a decent zombie app in what seemed like forever. Then I stumbled across the first appstore offering from Jumbo Squid Productions, a strategic defense like game titled Zogma: Tactical Zombie Survival Simulator. With a name like that, they had me curious. Read more to see if this game had me craving more brains, or less death.

Visually, Zogma is good. With its defence style of play, you tend to get poor graphics because you’re looking down at things are there usually isn’t enough details. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well everything was laid out. From backgrounds to bodies, everything is clear and easy to see without any quality issues. They also included day to night transitions and the ambient colour in the game corresponds adding a fun level of difficulty to the game.

All your weapons and props look great. One detail that I found amusing was the grenades. After you throw/drop a grenade you see a visual explosion as well as Batman-esque “BOOM!” text popping up on screen. Menus and awards (via the integrated plus+ network) are visually integrated very well also.

To control the game you start with your main character in a position at your base/house/etc. You will automatically fire at targets that come in range of your scope/field of vision but can manually control where to fire as well by dragging or tapping. Without giving too much away, you have to give the manual controls a whirl. There are some bonuses as well as some nice effects/visuals with some of the weapons and their respective upgrades. You can add more players via your update screen (also where you buy/upgrade weapons) and to move them around the positions you just simply tap and drag to where you want to go.

As far as game play goes, I feel as though it came up a bit short. Not counting the training/tutorial level, there are only 3 game levels. As much as I enjoyed them and will definitely play again, I just don’t think that’s enough. Now there is nothing expressly written by the developers but I am assuming and hoping that in future updates more levels will be added. Other than that though, Zogma’s a pretty addictive and immersive title. The integration of the plus+ network is a great idea and I am glad they did. It seems nowadays that hand in hand with “pick up and play” titles is the social networking/bragging ability.

In the end, I absolutely enjoy this title. It’s a good little pick-up title that you can play/put down whenever you want and not have to worry about missing or forgetting anything. I think that if they can include some more levels in future updates, this will be a very popular title and I would recommend it to any fans of casual or tower defense style games.

Also, the developers are hosting a give-a-way via the Zogma website.  Be sure to check it out and have a little fun while trying to win yourself an iPod touch.

App Summary
Title: Zogma: Tactical Zombie Survival Simulator Developer: Jumbo Squid Productions
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 8.8 MB
  • Easy to play, hard to perfect
  • Great design
  • Online leader boards (plus+ network)
  • definite replay value
  • No difficulty settings
  • Needs more levels


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