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It’s that time of the week again! The time for the one and only JBnator Diaries! This is the week following the celebration of Valentine’s Day and I just wanted to use this occasion to give a shoutout to all those lovers out there in general and my lovely wife in particular! Keep on loving – it’s a job! And now, back to our column.

Today I’m going to write about a little Cydia app called iFile, my first choice for browsing the iPhone. Those of you following my previous pieces may be familiar with it already. Everybody else – read on!

iFile is probably the best file browser (think Finder for all of you Mac OS fanboys) out there. Whether you want to fix permissions, tweak preferences or even transfer files to and from your device over Wi-Fi – this is the go-to app. You can even watch videos, play music, view images and read documents! For all you fact junkies here’s the official feature list:

  • Integrated File Browser with support for
    • Creation, deletion, copy, cut (move), paste or zipping of multiple files or directories at once
    • Renaming of files or directories
    • Bookmarking of files and folders
    • Searching files hierarchically
    • Emailing of one or more files with Apple MobileMail
    • Editing of text files, HTML files and property list files
    • Editing of file attributes (name, owner, group, permission, modification date)
  • Integrated Web Server with download and upload capability for files to any directory of File Browser
  • Installation of Debian packages (deb)
  • File Viewers with support for following file types:
    • Sound File Types: aac, aiff, aif, aifc, amr, alac, caf, m4a, m4r, mp2, mp3, mpga, pcm, snd, wav, wma
    • Text File Types: c, cfg, cnf, conf, cpp, css, h, j, java, js, list, log, m, nib, php, plist, script, sh, strings, txt, xib
    • Movie File Types: mov, mp4, mpv, m4v, 3gp
    • Image File Types: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tiff, tif, bmp
    • Document File Types: rtf, html, htm, pdf
    • Microsoft File Types: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pps, pptx
    • Apple iWork File Types: pages, numbers, key
    • Other File Types: zip, 7z, deb, rar, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.Z, tgz, tbz2, gz, bz2, Z, xml
  • Interaction with other Tweaks/Applications (Cydia):
    • Safari Download Manager: Allows to open saved files directly in iFile.
    • AttachmentSaver: Allows to open saved files directly in iFile.
  • Music Controls: allows to interact with iFile’s Audio Player e.g. on Lock Screen etc.

And the best thing – it’s free! Well, mostly at least.

Probably the most used part of iFile by the casual user will be the file browsing part. Here the app excels. For one thing – it works lightning fast. And – it gives you full control over files and folders. Whether you want to create files, copy or move them, or even get some editing done – it’s accessible in just a couple of taps. You can even create symbolic links if it strikes your fancy. A very useful feature is the ability to create Bookmarks to your favourite places on the iDevice. Now you don’t have to navigate through layers of folders just to get to your Applications folder. And once you get there you’ll be amazed to see that iFile actually converts the crazy coded AppStore app folder names to the actual app names, making finding the victim application a breeze instead of a chore.

But iFile is not just a plain File Browser – you can also tweak file details (permissions, names, owner, etc.) as well as edit text files (including the .plist configurations) and view an amazing amount (see full list above) of formats in Read-Only mode. You can also send them as attachments if you want to share the fun via the stock mail app.

The other feature of iFile, that any user will probably love, is full File Browsing over Wi-Fi from the desktop. Just hop in the Wi-Fi sharing, find the iPhone in Bonjour (or access it at iphone-ip-adress:8080) in your desktop browser and voila! And in addition to uploading/downloading files you can also view text right through the browser itself.

For dessert there are a bunch of extra features, including recursive file search, 3d-party application integration via a custom ifile:// handler, external viewer support and a bunch of other minor features. But as always in life – dessert costs extra and all of these features are only available in the Registered version which costs $4 through Cydia Store. Is it worth it? – not for me, but your mileage may vary. Anyhow here’s the list of extras in the premium version for you to make your choice:

  • iFile custom URL scheme ifile:// to interact with other applications
  • File name search.
  • External viewer support.
  • Playlist playing in new Audio Player.
  • Display of song title instead of file name for audio files.
  • Display of thumbnails instead of default icons for images.
  • Text editor search functionality.

iFile is my one-stop solution for iPhone file management. Though some features are only available in the paid version, they will be of little consequence to most users. The feature list is amazing and the app interface is exceptional both in speed and presentation. If you ever find yourself in need for a file browser on the iDevice, you won’t go wrong with iFile.

With this I declare iFile officially touched!

App Summary
Title: iFile Developer: Carsten Heinelt
Reviewed Ver: 1.1.0-1 Min OS Req: 2.0
Price: Free/$4.00 App Size: 1.9 MB
  • Fast and easy-to-use interface
  • Reads a lot of file formats
  • Full file, folder and link management functions including permission setting
  • Bookmark favourite places
  • Easy Wi-Fi file transfer
  • None

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