Heavy Gunner 3D in review – More “One” than Keanu Reeves

Com2uS’s Heavy Gunner 3D ain’t a mouthful, but it sure is a handful. Dual-analogue, tilt controls, explosions, and a hell of a lot of alien invaders – a great legacy for an iDevice shooter. In Heavy Gunner’s explosions and heated action, I’m reminded of an early advert for the Dreamcast which explained, “thing’s never blew up so well”. And indeed they didn’t – that is, until now. 2.99$ is a bargain for this much ‘defend Zion!’ fun!

Com2uS have nabbed the formula. First, Heavy Gunner 3D looks and sounds insane! My iPod touch 2G may have been last year’s speed king, but when the generational calendar flipped over, it took a sudden crook in the hip. Nevertheless, Heavy Gunner 3D runs fast and furious on the 2nd generation hardware. There are a few frame skips, but nothing which ruins gameplay. And what fun it is to manoeuvre through each level, blasting great-looking things at nearly full speed on yesterday’s hardware.

Your job is simple: blast anything which moves. There are several methods of accomplishing mayhem: survival, quota-kills, timed-mayhem, and many more. And of course, it is ALWAYS your job to survive, but that doesn’t include dodging anything – anything which gets by is death to your home. Two turret-mounted guns are under your control and your entire cockpit can be swivelled left, right, and pitched up and down to follow enemies – this can be done either via touch input, or by accelerometer. Let me suggest the latter method which keeps the screen free and works pretty damn well to emulate the action.

Blasting things, though, is the best part. Each gun is mounted separately — and wait for it — can be operated independently of the other. That means you can shoot with one, reload with the other, and fuss with both. Or, you could go in John Woo style with dual-turrets blazing on the same enemy. And well, like the new kid at a hazy party, you will have to blaze: enemies come in massive waves and from time to time, boss-like characters creep onto the scene, taking a lot more damage than their explosive comrades.

Concentrate, watch your ammo, don’t hyperventilate. There are over 25 missions in Heavy Gunner 3D’s Campaign mode and three difficulty levels. Each level increases its difficulty, pace, or changes its requirements. Challenge mode will have pit you in survival missions or let you have at it in endless waves. There is a story in there, but like a good action movie, it is flippant and should avoid serious consideration: the Maginot line is earth’s last line of defence! If human-forged weapons and tactics could skirt the defence in WWII, imagine how giant drills from space must quake in their green-toed boots!

What shouldn’t be forgotten is weapons – there is a serious load of upgrade possibilities which I wholeheartedly recommend exploring. Enemies come at your faster, or in bigger bunches and it is dangerous to stay stock for too long. Of course, they must be purchased and your currency, a point system, is based on how well you did in levels. Concentrate!

Heavy Gunner 3D stands upon the not-so-distinct pillars of action and intense action. There is also a leaderboard to encourage friendly rivalry/envy/humiliation. It is a hell of a lot of fun, and honestly, an overwhelming deal. There isn’t really any replay value and no cooperative action, but if you like action, explosions, repetition, and great graphics, Heavy Gunner 3D transports you into Matrix-like mayhem which is a blast at its price!

App Summary
Title: HEAVY GUNNER 3D Developer: Com2uS USA
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $ 2.99 App Size: 29.7 MB
  • Great graphics
  • Good control scheme
  • Intense action
  • Freaking Matrix Revolutions like defence!
  • Leaderboards
  • Good use of multi-touch
  • Repetitive arcade
  • Might be better with cooperative play


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