WeeMee Avatar Creator – say goodbye to kites and frogs

Is this app as cool-looking as paintingWalls? Hard to say. But after a little tinkering around WeeWorld’s virtual styling app, your avatar will look cooler than any mauve wall will. WeeMee Avatar Creator puts thousands of creative points in your hand to tailor that special MiniYou. You can view, export, and edit WeeMee’s at any time and even integrate them into your device’s address book for fun, cartoony calls.

WeeMee Avatar Creator WeeWorld, WeeMee Avatar Creator – $0.99

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App Description

The WeeMee® avatar creator for iPhone & iPod Touch. With over 30 million WeeMees created, this app brings the world’s most popular avatar to the iPhone.

☆ Make WeeMees for yourself and for friends

☆ Over 250 items included – thousands of creative options

☆ Choose from more than 35 hairstyles, 80 clothing items, 60 accessories, interest and food items, 20 eyewear styles, 12 themed backgrounds and more from other categories

☆ Use the Gallery feature to view, export and edit a saved WeeMee at any time

☆ Use the built-in Address Book feature to make WeeMees appear on the screen when friends call you

☆ Send WeeMees by email, Facebook, Twitter, MMS, blogs or anywhere else you can share photos

WeeMee Avatar Creator WeeWorld, WeeMee Avatar Creator – $0.99

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