Tumbledrop in Review – An Island Paradise

Tumbledrop is basically a game of physics. On entering a level, you’re presented with a variety of different shapes in formation. Somewhere in the formation will be a pink star. Your aim is to remove pieces from the screen by tapping them. This must result in the pink star landing safely on the island or platform in the level. If you don’t succeed, your star will plunge into icy waters with a distressed look on its face. Sounds simple, right? Well at first it is… but naturally it gets much harder.

There are three difficulty levels; Beginner, Medium and Hard. Each section has 40 levels. Each of these levels has two medals you can win – one which you’ll earn if you complete the level in the least number of moves (Star Medal), and one if you complete it in the most number of moves (Heart Medal). You don’t have to earn a medal to pass the level, but if you’re competitive, you can always go back and attempt it again at a later date. There are currently 200 medals to be won.

Tumbledrop has a nice gentle learning curve – but dependent on how your mind is wired up will determine how difficult you find the game. I whizzed through to begin with, but then as it got more difficult I found myself trying again and again to complete levels. It’s not a problem, though; the graphics are so cute and endearing that you don’t mind. You also only have to try the same level again – there’s no penalty that sends you back levels or anything like that. It’s a very forgiving and fun game to play. Puzzle buffs will love it.

I must also mention the Quick Play option. This is altogether more tough. Your task is to complete as many levels as you can without failing – but they’re in a random order, so no starting off easy here! You’ll get more points for earning medals in this mode – so every move counts. You can submit your personal best score to Facebook and/or Twitter, so you can let your friends know if you’ve beaten them, or encourage them to try the game if they haven’t already.

Overall, Tumbledrop is good fun. The standard levels are tough, but they’re not frantic, so it’s a very laid back puzzle game. But if you’re looking for something a bit more crazy, then you can go straight for the Quick Play option. There are a couple of improvements that could have been made, like adding the Facebook and Twitter posting options to the normal levels, and making level resets quicker, but other than that, a very pleasant puzzle game.


App Summary
Title: Tumbledrop Developer: Starfruit Games
Reviewed Ver: 1.03 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $1.99 App Size: 14.2 MB
  • Cute graphics
  • Unobtrusive sound
  • Gentle learning curve
  • Forgiving gameplay
  • Little reason to play it again once you’ve completed it
  • Slow level reset
  • No comparison/competition via Facebook/Twitter in the standard levels


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