Jailbreaker – classic? controversial name. game.

To be sure, Jailbreaking is illegal. No, not the sort we talk about here – the other type – you know, that sort which has you busting out of lead-laced walls, jumping buzz saws, stealing smokes, and riffraffing around – that sort is illegal. Jailbreaker by Triniti Interactive Limited is just a violent flash-turned-iPhone game. But, the conspiracist in me tends to think of it as a message – Jailbreaking is dangerous – you might lose your neck to a buzz saw. We will see.

Jailbreaker Triniti Interactive Limited, Jailbreaker – $0.99

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App Description

jailbreaker [1.0] is here!
a classic side-scroller…
from the makers of the best-selling all-in-1 gamebox…


you have been framed mr. stick, and a blow to the head means you have no memory of the incident. you are simply aware that you are in prison, and that someone on the outside is trying to put a hit on you.

a weekly shift-of-guard routine represents your chance for escape.

now, slide under obstructions, jump over obstacles, and sprint toward freedom before the 5-0 throws you back in the slammer!


-super intuitive controls
-fast-paced, thrilling gameplay
-multiple obstacles and distractions


find jailbreaker in our best-selling all-in-1 gamebox!



Jailbreaker Triniti Interactive Limited, Jailbreaker – $0.99

  • Joseph

    You might want to add to the post the fact that it is also in the 25-in-1 gamebox that also sells for 99 cents in case people own the gamebox. It is at the bottom of the app description but I’m not sureif many people read it all the way through. And yes, the game is quite fun if a bit repetitive.

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