iTunes Connect Developer Guide updated – iPhone OS 4.0 release imminent?

Most developers are probably already aware of this, but this morning Apple updated the iTunes Connect Developer Guide – the handbook for using iTunes Connect. Among other miscellaneous fixes it includes:

  • Enhanced instructions on creating Demo Accounts;
  • An explanation of the “New Territories as Added” checkbox;
  • Revised app description character count recommendation based on the new design of App Product pages on the App Store;
  • Additional information on export compliance.

More juice after the gap:

Coupled with recent requirement to list device specific dependencies in the Info.plist file under the key UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities (like the compass, or, probably, the iPad screen), there are hints of the iPad, and iPhone OS 4.0. Out of the blue, iSpazio reported that according to an unnamed source, information obtained through 9to5Mac indicates the fabled OS 4.0 will finally be unveiled on March 14.

And while this does seem like a case of “a friend of a friend heard” the past suggests that a new version of the OS will indeed be unveiled sometime in March. Will it be on March 14? Maybe… and if so, there is less than a month to wait!

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