Critter Defense! in Review – Devilishly cutesy!

During the last several months the AppStore has literally been swamped with various Tower Defence games. Some were original, some were more traditional, some were downright poor in quality. For the average player this is both a blessing and a curse – on one hand competition is good, on the other – how to decide which the better one? To help you navigate in this vast field I’m going to review yet another TD game – Critter Defense!

Critter Defense! is a fixed-path Tower Defense game that is true to classics while boasts a few interesting and innovative ideas. Once again, critters are incoming and only you can stop them before reaching the base.

Despite using the classic fixed-path approach not everything is that simple in Critter Defense. For one thing – you can only place tower within the range of the pre-placed power generators or other towers. The latter range increases with tower level so take that into consideration. Second, you can’t just upgrade a tower off the bat – it must first gain sufficient experience for you to be able to do so. For each upgrade you may choose one of the four aspects of tower specs you wish to spend the cash on.

And last – despite the availability of up to 8 types of towers in the game you can only choose 3 of them for each individual level. The towers themselves don’t offer anything really innovative, rather theyjust vary in power, range and speed. Standard slow towers thrown in for good measure.

There are 12 levels grouped in 3 environments (Grasslands, Seashore, Metropolis). As you complete a level a new one is unlocked plus an occasional new tower type. Every environment ends with a boss level so be prepared for a tough fight. The maps are small so don’t expect the usual panning/zooming found in other TD titles. The critters offer a standard array of slow and tough ones, quick and easy-to-kill as well as a bunch of neither-neither.

The graphics in Critter Defense! follow a distinct visual style. It’s sort of the cutesy cartoony variety. A nice touch is the life bar which displayed along the center of the critter. The music is nice and energetic, though feels a bit out of place in game.

The most frustrating part of the game is the insane difficulty. You can only choose 3 tower types per level the game turns into an endless try-and-test puzzle of where what towers to place. And this already starts at the earliest levels.

Playing Critter Defense! is not like playing your average TD title. Don’t let the cutesy graphics mislead you – the game is unforgiving starting at the earliest levels. Innovative mechanics makes it an reasonable title for veterans of the genre to polish their skills. The casual players should stay away though and choose a more friendly representative of the genre.

With this I declare Critter Defense! officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Critter Defense! Developer: Mojito
Reviewed Ver: 1.4 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 20.3 MB
  • Cutesy graphics
  • Some innovative game mechanics
  • Insane difficulty


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