Street Fighter IV kicking its way to the App Store – swipe attack!

Street Fighter is the the biggest 2D fighter of them all will make a 4th-version debut on the iDevice. The time: unknown. The price: unknown. Its effectiveness on the platform: in question. The above information is informatively. Capcom are rumoured to debut the whirling fister/feeter in March complete with arcade-like controls, art direction, and a large roster consisting of the franchise’s favourite characters and some new additions.

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Think of it as an awkward family and friends reunion where that clean-shaven uncle whom everyone respects, gets sauced and starts picking up on your ex. The pictures look great, but then, there aren’t thumbs to get in the way. This may be a great port to the iDevice, or may be an all-thumbs portly massacre of the great fighter.

IGN has got the full story

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