Meebo meet iPhone; iPhone, chat away!

Meebo is a great HTML interface for a load of messaging clients, and is absolutely necessary to circumvent job security and productivity in workplaces which ban instant messaging. It’s been available via HTML since 2005, buffing a few reasons I love the web, and now, in 2010, it comes to the iPhone as a native app. Right, so a native app isn’t as stick-it-to-the-man as is HTML, but hokt damn, it’s Meebo! It still supports: AOL / AIM, Yahoo!, MSN / Windows Live, Gmail / Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, and 100+ networks, and thankfully, stays free. Thanks Meebo!

Meebo Meebo, Inc., Meebo – Free

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App Description

Meebo is integrated, all-in-one instant messaging that connects you with your friends everywhere.

Meebo has been the leading platform for multi-protocol IM on the web since 2005. With that knowledge and experience, we optimized Meebo on the iPhone for speed, simplicity, and performance.

Meebo supports all the major IM networks:
AOL / AIM, Yahoo!, MSN / Windows Live, Gmail / Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, and 100+ other networks!

Reliability / Connectivity
– Push notifications even when the app is closed
– Stay connected as you move from Edge to 3G to WiFi
– Meebo’s proven multi-network access protocols
– Automatically reconnect if you lose coverage so you don’t miss a message

Access / Integration
– Searchable, synchronized chat history on your iPhone and
– Get Meebo on the web, your desktop, or your iPhone
– Tap any links to open the built-in browser
– Advanced chat session management lets you go seamlessly back and forth between Meebo on the iPhone and

Chat features
– Swipe to switch between multiple conversations
– Rotate for landscape mode and a wider keyboard.
– Message preview from the Chats List
– Full Meebo emoticon support
– Push notifications
– Searchable Chat History
– Sort chats by most recent or full view
– Support for all the major IM networks, and many more

Account features
– Buddylist search as you type
– View profile info, status messages, and buddy icons
– Add/Remove individual buddies
– Add/Remove network accounts
– Open and close buddy groups in your Buddy List
– Set custom status messages
– Sign on/off individual accounts
– Set presence to Available/Invisible/Away for individual accounts, or all at once

Meebo Meebo, Inc., Meebo – Free

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