Jays launching seven new headphones: a-Jays, t-Jays, x-Jays, more?

The Swedish portable audiophile company, Jays, have several new cards up their sleeves: seven new headphone products for keen listeners with all sizes of pocketbooks. Firstly, their a-Jays and t-jays, a pair of dynamic-driver based earphones will come in a variety of colours and different sound qualities for customisation freaks. Perhaps bigger news, however, is their new flagship, the x-Jays, a quad-armature design! Not only is it the first universal quad armature based universal-fit earphone, it is designed for size and sound quality. TMA will be taking a look at their new earphones over the next two quarters. Expect 2010 to be an exciting year for the portable audiophile! Feel free to discuss Jays’ new products in our forums!

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Press Release

Jays launching seven new products

Jays AB, the Swedish earphone producer, expands its product range with two new series and one new prestige model which will further enhance Jays strong market growth.
The new series a-JAYS and t-JAYS will be released to the market in the first quarter of 2010. Both models will be available in three different styles with different sound features and varied amount of accessories. As with previous Jay’s models these new designs are inspired by natural materials and each are supplied with a new multiuse protective travel case.

– Our new series are sure to provide everyone with the right features, accessories and price level, says Peter Cedmer product manager for Jays. These solutions are to be found in considerably more expensive products and provide exceptional sound for the money. These Spring newcomers are going to make a revolution in portable music listening in the same way v-JAYS made with headphones and q-JAYS made with in-ears.

Furthermore, the prestige model x-JAYS will be launched in the second quarter of 2010. x-JAYS are the world’s smallest in-ear phone with a quadro armature. Armatures are miniature speakers with awesome sound quality – x-Jays will be a musical revelation!

– Our new models strengthen JAYS as a passionate and innovative Swedish brand for listeners who will make the most out of their sound experience. We make musical products and, considering the comments from the music elite, maybe we are the Swedish earphone wonder, concludes Peter Cedmer.

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Jays AB develops, designs and produces earphones and equipment for portable media players. Jays supplies high quality products, aimed to provide the user with maximum sound experience. Jay’s passion is the quest for the perfect sound – the sound that affects and inspires user’s body and soul.

The company is expanding rapidly and its products are being sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. Learn more at: www.jays.se

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