iSkin Giveaway O’ the Day: evo4 Duo for iPod Classic 6G

With the immense popularity of the iPod Touch, it’s easy to forget about the “other” iPod, the one that started it all. Well, iSkin haven’t forgotten about the folks out there who are still proud owners of the iPod Classic (6G), which also happens to be the iPod for our featured iSkin Giveaway of the day – the evo4 Duo. Featuring a dual-layer design in which the outer frontal ViSOR is housed over an inner layer of silicone (to provide shock absorption), the evo4 is built with style and full-protection in mind. And for those constantly on the go, it also comes with a fully removable rotary belt clip system to keep your device just where you want it. So are you a proud owner of an iPod Classic 6G? If so, be sure to check out the contest details within to see how you can enter to win!

Contest Details for the iSkin solo case:

  1. The giveaway is open to all as iSkin will ship internationally to our daily winners.
  2. Register and become a member of the TouchMyApps Forums.
  3. Participate in the forums by either starting a thread or posting on an existing one. Your post(s) cannot be spam and has to be relevant to the topic/discussion.
  4. Send us an email at before 11:59AM PST on Feb 14th and include the following:
      –> Your TouchMyApps Forum user name (we will use it to match your profile)
      –> Email subject to read: evo4 Duo for iPod Classic Giveaway
  5. Please note that you MUST send us an email with the corresponding subject heading so that we can count you in for the draw (no email = no entry).
  6. We will be randomly selecting a winner from the list of active forum participants for this particular day.
  7. To increase your chances of winning, tweet the following message on Twitter: Win an iSkin evo4 Duo case for iPod Classic 6G from @TouchMyApps’ forum giveaway. Contest details –>
  8. If  the above message is tweeted, please include your Twitter user name in the body of the contest submission email.
  9. The evo4 Duo for iPod Classic Giveaway closes on Feb 14th at 11:59AM PST.
  10. Winners from all iSkin giveaways will be announced on Feb 19th, 2010.
  11. Winners will be contacted via email and will be asked for their full name, mailing address and color of their choice for applicable prizes.
  12. Once all the winners have been announced for all iSkin products, all corresponding winner details will be sent to iSkin for prize shipment.

Good luck to all and thanks for your continued support!

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