TMA Forums Giveaway O’ the Day (Closed)

Our Forums Giveaway today features 3 very different apps, each of which can be considered among the top apps in their respective categories.  If you’re looking to turn your iDevice into a universal remote, look no further than R.P.A. Tech’s Air Mouse Pro. Aside from being a great trackpad app,  its Application launcher/switcher feature will allow you to visually control just about any program on your Mac/PC right from your iPhone. Next in line is MobileAge’s Leonard Maltin Movie Guide, a highly informative movie app that not only lets you browse through 24,000 capsule reviews, but it comes with plenty of additional features, including the ability to purchase and/or rent flicks online. Finally, we have GhostBird Software’s PhotoForge, a powerful and robust image editing app that will allow you to manipulate photos on the go. Contest details after the gap!

GhostBird Software


R.P.A. Tech

Contest Details:

  1. The giveaway is open to all, though you must have a valid US iTunes account in order to redeem the codes.
  2. Register and become a member of the TouchMyApps Forums.
  3. Participate in the forums by either starting a thread or posting on an existing one. Your post(s) cannot be spam and has to be relevant to the topic/discussion. The more you participate, the better your chances of winning a code.
  4. We will be randomly selecting winners from the list of active forum participants for this particular day.
  5. If you want to ensure that you win the game/app of your choice should you be selected, please send us an email at before 11:59PM PST and include the following:
      –> Your TouchMyApps Forum user name (we will use it to match your profile)
      –> A ranking of the above apps in order of your preference. If the first app on your list is no longer available, we’ll move down to your next choice and so forth.
  6. If you are selected as a winner and do not send us an email with your preference of app to be won, we’ll simply send you a random Feature Giveaway game/app of the day via the forums messaging system.
  7. The Daily Giveaway closes everyday at 11:59PM PST and winners will be contacted with their promo codes the following morning/afternoon. Simply log into your user account to see if you’ve received a PM notification with your prize.

Good luck to all and thanks for your continued support!

Please note that the amount of codes we have to giveaway for each Game/App are indicated by the number next to the Title

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