Hero to land on the iPhone – Chillingo insinuated

“It’s a lonely place”, says the mysterious hero whose fame, brought on by saving the world from tanks, aliens and zombies may have sunk his otherwise indefatigable spirits. Chillingo have kept tight-lipped as to their involvement in the creation of this superhuman, but the ever-vigilant TouchMyApps team are picking through the rubble of falling rumours now.

It appears that the ‘hero’ may be crazy, a larger than life character too caught up in his role, in the carnage he dealt. We will find out more later this month when Hero’s story is expected to debut at the App Store. Till then, hang tight with these images and interview.

More Hero info after the gap:

Press Info

Psychological evaluation report

Subject: “John” (identity withheld)
Case No: 2469
Admission date: 20/10/2009

Purpose for evaluation:
This is the first inpatient admission for the examinee ‘John’. Age 30-35 (precise age unknown), single, white male. Occupation unknown. Subject claims to be a retired superhero. Admitted due to symptoms of bipolar depression and manic behavior with possible psychotic features. Purpose of this evaluation is to screen possible need for involuntary treatment of the subject with electric brainwave manipulation (EBM).

Assessment procedures:
Hubbub Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-III (HCMI-III)
Mental Status Examination
Medical Examination
Review of Prior Psychological Assessment
Clinical Interview

Subject participated in 3 hours of testing and a 1 hour diagnostic interview.

Background information:
No previous social, medical or legal records of the subject were found. Behavior was described as disordered and aggressive by medical staff. Preliminary medical examination shows that subject is not entirely human. Subject seems to have abilities that will not fit in the boundaries of basic human physiology. Ability to fly being the most prominent. No current known medication. Subject claims that marijuana found during admission is for medical use, but no prescription for the substance was found.

Results of evaluation:
Full evaluation reveals clear signs of Super Human Stress Disorder (SHSD) caused by exposure to threats such as meteors, zombies, UFO’s, ninjas, giant insects and falling babies. Constant impacts and flying at high speeds have also caused micro tears in brain tissue, possibly explaining momentary episodes of disorientation. SHSD is a condition caused by both, psychological and physiological elements. Condition can be summarized as mental breakdown caused by physical stress combined with inflated ego and a sense of omnipotence.

Immediate involuntary treatment.

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