iPad’s video output – why VGA?

The iPad is quite a spitter. Its 30-pin port not only spits analogue audio (and digital outputs), it sports a very classy, very ancient VGA output. The adapter necessary to hook the unit to VGA won’t work on current iDevice hardware which isn’t configured to support it. Rather, the VGA output is primarily for hooking the device up to video projectors. Imagine leaving the lappy home for business meetings. Imagine hooking this badboy up to a home projector for gaming – not a bad bit of kit for road-business warriors.

AppleInsider tackle user questions about the validity of the ‘ancient’ VGA. Its been around longer than most of our readers while newer, better standards are used almost ubiquitously by most modern computing hardware.

Well, as Jobs said, the iPad fills the gap left between the iPhone and MacBook. Its display natively renders 1024*768. Most projectors, even in hi-tech firms rely on such low resolutions and most projector-driving laptops are rubbish computers from before the stone age. The iPad stand strong against netbooks.

Where it will be outdone is media-centre mobiles such as the ZuneHD which can spit out Hi-Def signals via HDMI. But at the same time, who would want a business meeting to erupt into an all-out death match? Actually…

[via AppleInsider]

The iPad is scheduled for a March release. We will keep you happy till then:

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