Google Chrome OS tablet – Polished pad?

Amidst the hype and hate of last week’s iPad announcement, the globe has continued to revolve, life has continued to rush on, and Apple’s competitors have continued whetting their development stones. Google, among that number have just put up some nice piccies and a video of their Chrome OS-powered tablet.

Piccies, video and more after the gap:

Chrome looks impressive. Of note, it sports an independent file browsing system, floating keyboards, and a good-looking cut/paste system including incognito browsing. The OS looks great.

Chrome looks to be a more-impressive in between OS than the iPhone OS, but of course, it isn’t available on current hardware to test. Nor does it exist to anyone’s certain knowledge outside of a few digital mock-ups. And thanks to Google’s license-happy agreement with many vendors, the Chrome scene may very well be a Forrest Gump box of chocolates.

Rumour has it that Google and HTC have got the Chrome tablet on the drawing boards. While that may be good news for fans of both companies, at the end of the day, Apple’s iPad will ship in March, has been demonstrated publicly and caressed by hundreds already. Google will put out an impressive tablet. It will be the only other worthwhile tablet on the planet. But, it will be late. Apple’s headstart will give them an edge, and of course their chic and established market will help, but with Google entering the fray, Apple no longer strive against foolish competitors.

Piccies from The Chromium Project

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