Carpet Flight – Magic Carpet with or without the Magic

In the golden age of 3D gaming, a lot of truly groundbreaking titles smashed into software shops to dazzle fans. One of the best back in the mid nineties and still a benchmark title is Magic Carpet by Bullfrog games. Not sure how much magic is in the MellisugaSoft’s Carpet Flight, but at least there is a glimmering bit of borrowed inspiration. Carpet Flight isn’t an action game; it plays closer to Glyder than anything and could be called relaxing.

Funny, this game popped up after a request in our forums for an iDevice Magic Carpet.

Carpet Flight MellisugaSoft, Carpet Flight – $0.99

App Description

Your flying carpet awaits you. You don’t have to be Aladdin to step aboard the magic carpet and fly over hill and dale. Enjoy the 3D view, avoid the golden orbs and try to collect bonuses in this high-flying game for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You’re doing pretty well; you’ve managed to dodge three golden orbs in a row. The accelerometer makes it easy to navigate the skies and scoot around the obstacles. So far, you’ve only lost a little of your mana energy but those bonus orbs should be along anytime now, so maybe you can recover. Watch your altitude! The higher you fly, the more of your mana energy you use up. Until you you start collecting bonuses, you might want to try and conserve your resources. If you run out of energy, you’ll lose the game.

Carpet Flight is a simple and relaxing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Its 3D graphics and smooth accelerometer controls add to the fun and ease of flying your magic carpet through the skies.

Orbs are very important for players to take notice of in the Carpet Flight game app. Avoid the golden ones because they will sap your mana. The other orbs however, are the ones you want to collect. They provide various bonuses that help you fly higher, faster and longer. You can even find orbs that protect you.

With enough practice, you’ll be able to control your mana better and prolong your magic carpet ride.

* Accelerometer control of game play
* 3D graphics
* Orbs that boost your carpet’s speed
* Orbs that stop your mana loss and let you fly longer

Every time you beat your previous record, you’re going to become a little more addicted to the Carpet Flight game. Why not fly over to the Buy App button now and hop on your own magic carpet? Enjoy the ride!

Carpet Flight MellisugaSoft, Carpet Flight – $0.99

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